48 terms

lab week 8 part 2

ex 33 is called what?
kirby bauer method
antimicrobial agent
are naturally produced by soil bacteria and fungi are the ones that produce antibiotics.
what kind of molecular weight does antibiotics have
they usually have a low molecular weight
what is the function of antibiotics
inhibit or kill microorganism
also known as antimicrobial.
synthesis version of antibiotic or other chemicals
what is the function of drugs
inhibit or kill microorganism
is drug naturally produce
no they are produce in labs
chemotherpentic agent
chemical compound
what is chemotherpentic agent use for
its use internally for control of infection or malignant diseases (mean something harmful)
modes of action 1
Inhibition of peptidoglycan synthesis ( mean cant make new cell)
modes of action 2
inhibition of protein synthesis
modes of action 3
inhibition of nucleic acid synthesis (DNA, RNA)
modes of action 4
inhibition of the membrane intersection and damage
modes of action 5
inhibtion of key metabolic reaction (the agent that is causing this is called antimetabolite -competitive inhibition)
major antibiotic producers
genus streptomyces
genus bacillus
what does genus streptomyces produce
what does genus bacillus produce
what does Molds( fungi) produce
what is the objective of kirby bauer method
determination of the antibiotic or drug of choice for effective control of a quick isolated pathogen.
an organism is uniformly streaked w/a cotton swab across an agar surface
the paper disk we use in this experiment contains what
specific concentration of antibiotic/drug deposited o agar surface
what will the paper disk do?
it will release agent that diffuse out forming a concentration gradient making a zone of inhibition
what is zone of inhibition
a area of no growth
he clear zone around the disk is called
zone of inhibition
the medium we use is
mueller hinton 2 (MH) agar plate
how many culture are we going to use
4 different culture
what are you going to do with the broth culture
your going to use a cotton swab and are going to swap the entire surface of MH plate with broth
you will then let it dry for how long
3-5 minutes witht eh lid on
we use alcohol - flamed forceps to do what ?
transfer each antibiotic /drug- containing disk to the agar surface press firmly on agar
if we dont press firmly what happens
if not the paper disk might fall
spread the disk out in the agar plate if you dont do this what happens
if you dont the result might be wrong
what is the objective of Supplement: minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC)
determination of the minimal concentration of antibiotic require to inhibit bacterial growth in vitro
what does vitro mean
means in a test ube
how many antibiotics are we going to use
what are the antibiotic we are going to use
ampicillin and streptomycin
how many tube are we going to use
how many tube are we going to use in ampicillin
6 tube
how many tube are we going to use in streptomycin
6 tube
the last tube will be use for what
it will be the control tube will only have the bacteria
process on experiment 1
start with undiluted antibiotic the concentration of the antibiotic at the time will be 64mg/ml
process on experiment 2
transfer 2 ml from the undiluted to the first tube ( this will make the tube 4-fold with 32mg/ml)
process on experiment 3
transfer 2 ml to the second tube ( this make the tube 2 fold 16mg/ml)
process on experiment 4
transfer 2 ml to the third tube (8 fold 8 mg/ml
process on experiment 5
transfer 2 ml to the fourth tube (16 fold 4mg/ml)
process on experiment 6
transfer 2 ml to the 5th tube ( 32 fold 2mg/ml
process on experiment 7
transfer 2 ml to the 6th tube (64 fold 1mg/ml)
process on experiment 8
discard 2 ml to keep volume in tube the same (constant )