HHE 440-920 Understanding Stress Management Stess and the College Student

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The Younger College student is confronted with several important tasks
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Attachment AnxietyBeing dependent on their partners to affirm their worthiness of having their needs metAnorexia Nervosaan eating disorder in which an irrational fear of weight gain leads people to starve themselvesBulimia Nervosaan eating disorder characterized by binge eating followed by purgingWhat is a positive aspect of gradesThey help students who aim to go to grad schoolWhich of the following prevents individuals from attending their first choice college Physical characteristics, Social Situation, Financial Situation, Lack of work experienceFinancial SituationIdentify characteristics associated with erotic loversHeart racing, fluttering in stomachManaging the transitional changes that a young person faces when attending college for the first time requires him to develop new roles and modify old onesTrueA feature of AIDS is that itresults in a n ineffectiveness of the immunological systemWhich of the following is a negative aspect of gradesThey can lead to the physical health deterioration of a studentIdentify the sexually transmitted infectionsSyphilis, Gonorrhea, ChlamydiaIdentify a true statement about course overloadIt affects students both emotionally and physicallyThe best approach to preventing sexually transmitted infections is toabstain from sexual activitySome of the most significant stressors that college students experience relate toMoneyIdentify a true statement about acquaintance rapeAcquaintance rape is very frequent among freshmanErotic love, a passionate, all enveloping love is also known asErosTo be afraid of people and being worried of what strangers and powerful others think of oneself is known asshynessAIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is causes by a virus called theHuman Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)Jealousyis the fear of losing ones property, whether it be the one's lover, fried, status, or powerInfections such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis are caused bybacteria_______ involves an individual being dependent on their partners to affirm their worthiness of having their needs metAttachment AnxietyIf an individual cannot abstain from sex, the best way to prevent the contraction of sexually transmitted infections is tomaintain a monogamous sexual relationshipTrue or False: Self-doubts of returning college students and older, first time college students related to academic success are understandable since society too often perceives learning as a young person's activityTrueIdentify the conditions associated with racism that minority students experienceHigh-Blood pressure, body aches, mental health problemsIt is preferable to respond to jealousy in a relationship bytrying to improve the relationshipRobert, a college student, started drinking heavily due to peer pressure, which resulted in him dropping out. With the support of his family, he sought counseling to deal with his addiction and turn his life around. In order to overcome his feelings of low self-esteem, Robert shouldforgive himself for his mistakes, failures, and past embarrassmentsPeople tend to maintain romantic relationships when _____.their partners meet their fundamental psychological needsIdentify the characteristics associated with people suffering from anorexia nervosa. (Check all that apply.)Intense fear of gaining weight Lack of menstruation Extremely disturbed eating behaviorThe reason for older college students experiencing self-doubt about attending college is _____.the society perceiving learning as a young person's activityA stressor minority college students experience that is unique to their minority status is _____.RacismThomas is a new college student, who was plagued by self-doubt in school. To overcome and deal with this self-doubt, Thomas should _____.permanently bury all negative self-remembrances after sifting out any constructive value they may provide