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  1. Mid Atlantic Ridge
  2. Weathering
  3. Convergent Boundary
  4. Mantle
  5. Pangaea
  1. a When rocks are broken down into smaller pieces through actions by wind, water, roots, and animals.
  2. b An underwater mountain chain in the Atlantic Ocean caused by sea-floor spreading.
  3. c The thickest layer of the Earth. It is where convection currents happen.
  4. d The mega continent
  5. e When two continental plates move towards each other. They cause mountains.

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  1. A law that states in an undisturbed rock layer, the oldest rocks are always on the bottom and the youngest rocks are always on top.
  2. Determining the actual age in years of an object ("Exact").
  3. The constant rising and cooling of magma in the Earth's mantle. The heat from the inner core is what causes this motion. They cause plate movement in earth's crust.
  4. The current era of the Geologic Time Scale. It is when mammals and humans first appeared.
  5. A science word for "heavy." More dense things sink, less dense things float.

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  1. Relative DatingDetermining the actual age in years of an object ("Exact").


  2. Subduction BoundaryWhen two plates move towards each other, but the dense oceanic crust sinks under the continental crust. They cause volcanoes.


  3. Chemical Weatheringthe process by which rocks break apart without changing the chemical composition.


  4. AdaptationThe gradual change in a species over time.


  5. Continental Drift TheoryA theory proposed by Alfred Wagner stating that the earth's continents were once joined in a mega continent called Pangaea and gradually drifted apart.