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  1. Crust
  2. Mesozoic Era
  3. Alfred Wagner
  4. Subduction Boundary
  5. Paleozoic Era
  1. a The LEAST dense layer of the Earth. It is where life exists and is made up of continental and oceanic crust.
  2. b The scientist who proposed the theory of Continental Drift.
  3. c The era of the Geologic Time Scale when the dinosaurs both appeared and became extinct.
  4. d When two plates move towards each other, but the dense oceanic crust sinks under the continental crust. They cause volcanoes.
  5. e The era of the Geologic Time Scale when life first appeared in the oceans. It came after Precambrian Time.

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  1. When two plates move away from each other. They cause sea-floor spreading, such as the Mid Atlantic Ridge.
  2. the process by which rocks break apart without changing the chemical composition.
  3. The next dense layer of the Earth that surrounds the inner core. It's made of a liquid ball of iron.
  4. Long cylinders of ice used to study Earth's atmosphere. Trapped gases and dust inside the ice cores tell scientists when volcanoes erupted and how the climate used to be.
  5. The gradual change in a species over time.

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  1. Geologic ChangeChanges in earth's land, such as mountains, volcanoes, and earthquakes.


  2. DensityA science word for "heavy." More dense things sink, less dense things float.


  3. Continental Drift TheoryA theory proposed by Alfred Wagner stating that the earth's continents were once joined in a mega continent called Pangaea and gradually drifted apart.


  4. AdaptationThe gradual change in a species over time.


  5. Mid Atlantic RidgeAn underwater mountain chain in the Atlantic Ocean caused by sea-floor spreading.