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TrepidationDefinition: fear, anxiety, apprehension Sentence: having heard the house was haunted, he opened the door with trepidationCalamityDefinition: disaster, catastrophe, tragedy Sentence: the local farmers fear a calamity if a river rises above its banksResideDefinition: to inhabit, to exist in, to live in Sentence: i plan to study abroad, and i'd like to reside in LondonUnscathedDefinition: unharmed, without injury or damage Sentence: surprisingly, he escaped the car accident unscathedIncredulousDefinition: not willing to believe, skeptical Sentence:he remained incredulous, even after seeing the UFO on his front lawn.HaughtyDefinition: arrogant, pompous Sentence: most thought Abram was a bit to haughty, and hard to interact withPerfidiousDefinition: disloyal, unfaithful Sentence:She could not believe her former-best friend's actions and how perfidious she had been.SurreptitiousDefinition: sneaky, stealthy Sentence:kept secret, especially because it would not be approved ofPragmaticDefinition: practical, realistic Sentence: Luke's solutions were pragmatic, unlike Rory's which seemed impossibleAbdicateDefinition: renounce, give up Sentence: after two terms as president, he was required to abdicate his authority and title.