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Which of the following is false regarding anaerobic respiration

It requires that 02 be present to occur

Which of the following statements is false about aerobic respiration

aerobic respiration produces a stable organic product

Fermentation differs from other forms of metabolism in that it

uses an organic substance as its final acceptor

which of the following is true about anaerocbic respiration

it uses part but not all of the krebs cycle

aerobic respiration differs from anaerobic respiration in which of the following aspects

the final electron acceptors are different
aerobic respiration requires an e transport chain
Aerobic respiration produces more atp

Which of the following may be an end product of fermentation

lactic acid

a bacteria that carries out only fermentation will produce enerdy

using glycolysis only

what is the false of pyruvate in an organism that carries out aerobic respiration

it's decarboxylates are oxidized to acetyl CoA

How many atp molecules are produced from aerobic respiration


how many atp molecules are produced from anaerobic respiration


metabolism is due

to the total chemical activity of an organism

Which of the following statements is true about an anabolic reaction

they build complex molecules from simple molecules

during chemiosmosis, ATP is produced because

protons are moved across the plasma membrane

The loss of one or more electrons from a substance is called


The metabolic pathway, glycolysis, is used in which of the following metabolism

Anaerobic respiration
aerobic respiration

The most abundant product produced by the kreb cycle is


Which of the following is a physical growth requirement of bacteria


Most common bacteria fall into which of the following t groups


most bacteria grow best a ph


selective media

inhibits the growth of certain bacteria

which of the following is a chemical or nutritional requirement for bacteria growth


obligate anaeroces do not grow in the present of 02 because

oxygen is toxic to them
they lack the enzyme superoxide dismutase
o2 free radicals damage cellular components

a culture medium in which only G- bacteria can grow and some colonies are pink is called a

selective media
differential media

a culture medium in which the exact amount of each chemical found in the media is not known is called a

complex media

The term faculatative anaerobic refers to an organism that

grow in the presence or absence of energy

The phase of bacterial growth where the number of cells is constant and the cells are adapting to a new enviroment is called

lag phase

the enzyme that destroys superoxide free radicals in aerobic bacteria is called

superoxide dismutase

organic growth factors are

Substances that are required for bacterial growth
Substances that the organism can not synthesize on its own
such as vitamins

Where woychtrophs most likely be found

in spoiled food in the refridgerator

which of the following enzymes is used by abcteria to eleminate hydrogen peroxide


the basis of using turbidity as a measure of cell growth is

light scattering

All of the following are direct methods to measure microbial growth except


The method of direct measurement of microbial growth in which the microbes in a measurement volume of bacterial suspension are counted with the use of a specially designed slide is called

Direct microscope unit

a standard plate count

reflects the number of viable microbes in a samples
assumes that each bacterium grows into a single colony
requires that only plates with 25-250 colonies be counted

preservatives, such as sugar and salte, inhibit the growth of bacteria by creating a

hypertonic enviroment

Which of the following organism is able to neutralize toxic forms of 02 but grows using anaerobic respiration

aerotolerant anaerobic

which enzyme catalyze the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide to water and o2


which of the following substances found in culture medium is used to maintain a neutral ph


An obligate halophile will require high


iodine is an example of a


dry-heat sterilization requires

temp of 170 c

ionization radiation is an effective method to control microbial growth by causing

the formation of free radicals

the phenol coefficient

involves testing 3 differnt bacterial stains for resistance
Compares the activity of a gram definfectant to the activity of phenol
A paper filter disk soaked in the agent to be tested

Moist heat is

Steam under pressure
Accomplished using an autoclave
The most efficient mean of controlling microbial growth

the mode of action of disenfectants is to affect

the cytoplasmic membrane
strucural proteins
essential proteins

which of the following is not a heavy metal


commercial sterilization refers to a method of controlling microbial growth in which

enough heat is applied to kill the endospores of clostridium batulium

sterilization is a process by which

all forms of life in a given area are killed

which of the following affects the elimination of bacteria during sterilication

# of bacteria present
Presense of organic matter

Surface active agents, such as soaps act by

sliding bacteria off the skin

which concentration of ethanol is the most effective bactericide


non-ionizing radiation (UV) can kill bacterial cell by

causing thymine dimers to form m cellular DNA

which of the following is a possible target site for didinfectants

the nucear membrane
cell wall synthesis
enzyme synthesis

which of the following factors affect the elimination of microbes by chemical agents

-exposure time

the term bacteriocidal refers to a substance or method in which

bacteria are killed

The antimicrobial activity of chlorine is due to the formation of

Hypochlorous acid

Iodophors differ from iodine in that idophors are

Less irritating to host
Iodine bond to a neutral carrier molecule
Longer reacting

Which of the following would be a limitation of an autoclave

Using heat materials

The chemical agent used on skin or mucous membrane to eliminate microbes is called

an antiseptic

pasteurization is

involves heating milk to 70 c for 15 sec

Which of the following chemical agents can most reliably be used to sterilize objects

ethylene oxide gas

asceptically boxed juices and cream containers are processed using which of the following heating method

ultra high temp

a biguaride used extensively in antiseptic products is


a phenolic compound used in lotions and soaps that destroys cytoplasmic membranes and denatures proteins is called


the temp and pressure combination for an autoclave is

121 c and 15 psi

ionizing radiation can be used for sterilizing


the best method to sterilized heat sensitive liquids is


which of the following are cold sterilants

peracetic acid and glutaraldehyde

which of the following is most resistant to destruction by chemicals and heat


which of the following does not achieve steriilization


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