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My Everest Story-Characters

Mark Pfetzer
Main character of the story whose dream is to climb Everest.
Mr. Pfetzer
Mark's dad, who is diagnosed with cancer and after fighting the battle, dies.
Mrs. Pfetzer
Mark's mother, who supports him and climbs Ama Dablam with him.
Geoff Tabin
Adventurer, doctor, author. Sparks Mark's interest in RI Rock Gym.
Frank Madeira
Symphony conductor, hiker. Introduces Mark to first hiking experience.
Al Burgess
Veteran leader of many Nepal treks and climbs. Mentor/leader of Nepal trek.
Mark's Sherpa friend who wants to summit Everest with him and comes with Mark to America when his father is diagnosed.
Thor Keiser
Runs Condor Adventures. Accepts and encourages Mark to prepare for Everest through South American trips.
Guide with Condor Adventures.
John "Butthead"
Antagonistic member of Javier's small group.
Nel Poisson
Trainer who works Mark to new levels of fitness for Everest.
Mr. Krupowicz
Assistant superintendent of Middletown Public Schools, instrumental in providing Mark with opportunities to pursue "alternative education".
Roger Gocking
Veteran climber, college professor, long-distance runner, skier/Trinidad.
Chris Fowler
ESPN sportscaster/New York.
Henry Todd
Scott Fischer
Expedition leader of Mountain Madness/Washington, died in Everest '96.
Rob Hall
Expedition leader of Adventure Consultants/New Zealand, died in Everest '96.