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Social Studies Chapter Lesson 1, 2, 3 Questions

Why did Columbus sail west on his first expedition?
He wanted to find a better way to reach the Indies, a part of Asia, and to find a shorter route.
How did Columbus's voyages impact the Americas?
Rich with gold, spices, and goods, which led to the Columbian Exchange.
Why do you think that the Americas were named for Amerigo Vespucci?
Because he was the first to call the Americas the "new world."
What sequence of events led to the Columbian Exchange?
Columbus's 3 voyages brought Europeans here. He would bring things and people here and then take things back.
How might life in Europe and the Americas have been different if columbus had not journeyed here?
Not as much good food in Europe and not as much animal variety in the Americas. Also, disease was brought to the Americas.
What factors enabled Cortes to defeat the Aztecs?
Cortez and his men had armor, horses, and rifles. Also, Aztecs had smallpox.
How did Cortes gain allies to help conquer the Aztecs?
A lady named Dona Marina helped convince thousands to join Cortez.
What role did disease play in Cortes's plan to conquer land for Spain?
Smallpox killed thousands of Aztecs.
Why do you think Moctezuma at first agreed to let Cortes stay in Tenochtitlan?
He knew how powerful Cortez was.
After Cortes conquered the Aztecs, who conquered the Incan empire?
Fransisco Pizarro
How long did it take Fransisco Pizarro to conquer the Incan empire?
Three years.
Why did Spain send priests to New Spain?
They came to convert people to Christianity.
How did stories about Cibola affect Spanish explorers?
They wanted gold, so more and more went to look for it.
Which explorer was first to explore lands in what would become the United States?
Juan Ponce de Leon
Which people were at the top of society in New Spain?
The Peninsulares.
Peninsulares were at the top of society in New Spain and what does this say about the Spaniards' values?
They didn't value individuals.
How were the creoles and mestizos similar and different?
Creoles were peole who were Spanish but born in America; and mestizos were half Indian/half Spanish.
What do Bartoleme de Las Casas's writings reveal about the treatment of the native peoples?
They were treated like cattle, sold as slaves.
How did conquests by the Spanish change life for native peoples?
They became Christians, they learned how to farm, and they became slaves.