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buoyant force
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metersMeasurement unit for lengthdensitythe amount of matter in a given space Mass / VolumeMassthe amount of matter in an objectVolumeThe amount of space an object takes uppositively buoyantto rest on top of a liquidnegatively buoyantsinking in the fluidneutrally buoyantneither rising nor sinking but remaining at its current depthPascal's Principlepressure applied to a fluid is transmitted throughout the fluidrelationship between pressure and volumeas pressure increases, volume decreases; as volume increases, pressure decreases.Inversely proportionalA relationship between two variables in which if one variable doubles, the other halves.pressureforce per unit area measured by the particle collisions with the walls of its container.Cartesian Diverwhen we squeeze the bottle, the medicine dropper sank, when we released the pressure of the bottle, the medicine dropper returned to the surfaceoverflow canused to find the volume of large, irregularly shaped solid objects through water displacementBeakerAn open cylindrical container with a pouring lip; used for mixing larger amounts of substancesvolume of a rectangular solidV=lwhInfrared thermometerUse laser technology to produce accurate temperature reading of solid surfacesBunsen burnerby controlling an air to gas mixture it produces a single open gas flame capable of reaching 1500 C.

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