Metabolic panel

metabolic panel
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HCO3 (metabolic)Renal 21-28Buffer systemLung & kidneyR.O.M.ERespiratory Opposite Metabolic EqualPH <6.5AcidicPH >8AlkalineRespiratory acidosislow pH (<7.35) High CO2 (>45)respiratory alkalosishigh pH (>7.45) low CO2 (<35)metabolic acidosislow pH (<7.35) low HCO3 (<22)metabolic alkalosishigh pH (>7.45) high HCO3 (>26)pH 7.24 PaCO2 55 HCO3 23 A. Uncompensated respiratory acidosis B. Uncompensated metabolic acidosis C. Compensated respiratory acidosis D. Compensated metabolic acidosis E. Uncompensated respiratory alkalosis F. Uncompensated metabolic alkalosis G. Compensated respiratory alkalosis H. Compensated metabolic alkalosisUncompensated respiratory acidosisFully compensatedpH is normal, but the other 2 are abnormal.UncompensatedpH and one other value is abnormalPartially compensatedAll 3 values will be abnormal.Respiratory acidosis causesAnxiety Airway obstruction Overdose COPDRespiratory acidosis s/sShallow breaths Dizziness Muscle twitching PalpitationsRespiratory acidosis txMechanical ventilation Meds.respiratory alkalosis causes(Blowing off too much co2,) Hyperventilation DKARespiratory Alkalosis S/STingling of hands & toes Panic attackRespiratory Alkalosis txBrown paper bag Anti-anxiety meds. Breathing techniquesmetabolic acidosis causesDKA, severe diarrhea, renal failure, shockmetabolic acidosis s/sDiarrhea, headache, n/v, lethargy, CNS depression, warm flushed skin, fruity-smelling breathmetabolic acidosis txTreat the cause! -If DKA, administer insulin -If r/t GI losses, administer antidiarrheals and provide rehydration -If serum HCO3 is low, administer HCO3metabolic alkalosis causessevere vomiting, excessive GI suctioning, diuretics, excessive NaHCO3metabolic alkalosis s/sIrritability, twitching, picking, confusion, N/V, diarrheametabolic alkalosis txTreat the cause! -If GI losses, administer antiemetics, give fluids and electrolyte replacement -(diuretics)Oligura<400/24hranuriaabsence of urineTPN (total parenteral nutrition)Central line periphallyPPN<2w (small vein)phlebitisinflammation of a veinPhlebitis s/sPhlebitis causeHCTZDiuretic 1st treatment in high bpPCApatient care assistantKussmaul's breathing patterndeep and fast breathing; often associated with metabolic acidosisHow to flush a lineIv delegations