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Classical view pointemphasis on ways to manage work more efficiently. Problem with this is that its too mechanics. The humans needs are not centeredBehavioral viewpointUnderstanding human behavior and motivating and encouraging towards improvementQuantitive viewpointEmphasis on how to manage work more efficiently. Also when stats and computer simulations including science operationsScientific managementFredrick Taylor was behind it all. 4 steps to all this- 1. study each part of the task 2.carefully select workers with the right ability's 3. give workers training and incentive to do tasks properly 4. use scientific principles to plan work methodsTheory Xassumes that workers are basically lazy, error-prone, and extrinsically motivated by money and, thus, should be directed from above. (NOT GOOD)Theory Yassumes that, given challenge and freedom, workers are motivated to achieve self-esteem and to demonstrate their competence and creativity. (GOOD)Aleksel the IT manager feels that his employees lack the motivation to consistently meet department goals. Aleksel and his supervisors need to adopt the ____ viewpointBehavioral- Understanding humans behavior and the importance of itLuka, who owns a small breakfast and salad bar, has a reputation in the community as a tough manager. Many customers have heard Luka yell at his employees because he feels that workers today are lazy, lack ambition, and hate to work. Luka is a(n) ____ manager.Theory x manager-NOT GOODthe systems viewpoint sees organizations as entities made up of 4 interealted parts known asInputs, outputs, transformation processes, and feedbackwhich theorist said "there is no business without a consumer"Peter DruckerHCL in the article "inverting the pyramid" CEO Vanet Nyar was described as leading a radical management makeover in the culture of his company HCL enterprise. What type of a company was HCL enterprisean IT company that includes a 3.5 billion dollar service organization with roots in business processing outsourcingloreal story according to the article loreal masters of multiculturism loreal now has offices in more than countries and 2012 over of its sales come from new markets outside Europe and north America most in emerging economy up from only as recently as 2009130,half,1/3to gain a competitive edge this year the upper management of a global IT company has decided to focus on customer service, employee training and continuous quality improvement. This approach is known asTotal Quality Management (TQM)When a manager assesses a particular situation and decides what to do according to the individual and environmental situation, the manager is utilizing the ____ viewpoint.contingencyWhich forces are part of the macroenvironment?economic, technological, sociocultural, demographic, political-legal, internationalWhich viewpoint emphasized the scientific study of work methods to improve the productivity of individual workers?Scientific Managementloreal story-what potential advantages to multicultural managers provide to lorealall of theseWhich statement is not true of the BRICS countriesThe BRICS countries have joined together to form a trading blocPat, a manager at State University, is deciding how to set up a procedure for registering on-line that gives students fair access to courses. Pat is engaged in the ________ approach.JusticeBased on chapter 4 video lecture with dr. KALU two factors that affect the rate of globalization areinternet and trade agreementsWho is known as the father of scientific managementFredrick Winslow TaylorGORE and associates- according to the article "managing without a hierarchy" what inspired wilbur gores vision for how WL gore and associates would be managedAll of theseBaes on chapter 3 video lecture employees value leaders thatcare about their employees and develop meaningful connections with themcollectivitivisits culture includes asaina and arab countries rely heavily on situational clues for the meaning. indiviviualist cultures tend to be American and northern European meanings are primarily derived from written and spoken words.High context, Low contextMorning star theory- in the article escaping the management tax which of the following CEOS was described as using the idea of spontaneous,,, as a principle for organizing his or her companyIndra NooylBased on chapter 3 video lecture the difference between etiquette and ethics is determined on whetherones decision impacts another person or persons in a significant wayXYZ cooperation builds a manufacturing plant in Mexico, employs Mexican citizens and receives favorable tax treatment by the Mexican government XYZ is using aMaquiladorawhich of the following statements is falsegains an organizational efficiency usually result in a decrease in effectivenessTasty catering story- CEO tom walter was describes as having been influence by which of the following books in a developing company's philosophyAll of theseLaura runs a sales and expense report at the end of each day. Which management function is performingControllingAdrienne is a package delivery service manager she is interested in implementing the management philosophy pioneered by Fredrick w Taylor.Scientific managementHCL Story - Which of the following changes were described as being a part of CEOs strategy radical management makeoverall of theseaccoring to the systems thinking managers need to understand the... of the whole organization rather than just the separate elements and toll reinforce or change whole system patternssynergysystems viewpointregards the organization as a system of interrelated parts (breaks down into a few parts 1-input 2-transformational 3-outputs 4-feedbackcontingencyemphasizes that a managers approach should vary according to the individual and environmental situationQuality Managementthere are three parts that break down quality. Those being 1. Quality control- strategy for minimizing errors by managing each state of production. 2. Quality assurance- focuses on performance of workers, urging employees to strive for zero defects. 3. Total quality management- comprehensive approach dedicated to continuous quality improvement training and customer satisfaction.low-context cultureBusiness transactions are more important than building relationships and trusthigh-context culturepeople are sensitive to circumstances surrounding social exchangeshiro the manager of a department story is interested in implementing the principle of administrative management which involvesmanaging the total operationsal needs to figure out how to schedule employees to cover shifts at the hospital during holidayshe can use management scienceAlvin accepts that differences and similarities exist between home and foreign personnel and practices, and that the company should use whatever techniques are most effective. Alvin can be described as:geocentricwhich of the following describes the "organizing" management functionassigning tasks, grouping tasks into departments, delegating authority, and allocation resources across the organizationwhich one of the following is one way to think about management?the art of getting things done through peoplewhat is the primary focus of middle managers?linking groups of people, allocation resources, coordination teams, putting top management plans into action across the organizationbases on chpater 3 lecture video with dr Michelle barnell and dr tawyna means ethics is often a function of kones core valueswhich of the following is not characteristics of a morning star as described in the article "escaping the management tax"compensation committee unfavorably vies instances of an employee making an initative to help other collegues and other business unitsthe three contemporary management perspectives are the viewpointssystems, contingency, and quality managementacording to the article "the paradox of samsungs rise" which of the following practices does Samsung employee todayopen recruitment is the best canadites for all positions as neededHeather reports to the front desk manager. Heather is responsible for directing the team activities of four cashiers who are responsible for developing a plan to improve customer service. Heather does NOT have authority over other team members, but she provides guidance, instruction, and direction to them. Heather is a(n)non managerial employeethe average human being prefers to be directed, wishes to avoid responsibilities, has relatively no ambition, and wants security able all. What theory is this an assumption ofTheory xthe environmental protection agency. the administers environmental standards in the US. The EPA represents the part of the organzationstask environment and general environmentbased on chapter 3 video lecture with dr michelle darnell and dr tawyana means growing perception among business leaders thatit is possible to maximize profitability and add value to the societyWhen the manager of a local bakery sets goals and then develops a blueprint for how to achieve them, she isplanningDanielle supervises the food assembly line workers. What type of manager is she?first line managerthe purpose of the WTO is toassist in smoothing the flow of money between nationsaccording to the article "the paradox of samsungs rise" which of the following practices does samsung practice todaymerit based promotion and compensation, individualized incentivesin chapter 4 video lecture dr kalu osiri mentioned using strategy used by the following multinational companies target mcdonalds, andgoogleBurger King decided to add breakfast to its hours of operation in order to increase its customers. This was an attempt to improve the organization'seffectinessaccording to the article "managing without a hierarchy" which of the following is consistent with W.I Gore and associates approach to location factoriesavoiding letting a business or plant get to large (more than 250-300 people)The capacity to exercise a relatively high degree of imagination, ingenuity and creativity in the solution of organizational problems is widely, not narrowly distributed in the population. what theory is this an assumption ofTheroy Y