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In Pennsylvania , which of the following would need to be operated by a licensed real estate broker ?
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All of the following persons must complete education or training requirements prior licensure EXCEPTcemetery salespeople .A broker who maintains multiple branch offices wants to give an associate broker managing a branch office authority to directly hire salespeople or other associate brokers . Is this permitted ?No , because only the broker is authorized to hire or employ salespeople or associate brokersWhich applicant for licensure is NOT required to pass a written exam for licensure ?Cemetery salespersonWhen the employing broker submits a salesperson's license application to the Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission the broker is certifying that thebroker will actively supervise and train the salesperson .Which activity may a builder owner salesperson employed by ❇️ of single and multifamily dwellings legally engage inLeasing a newly constructed home owned by his employer to a prospective tenantIn reference to license laws and rules and regulations of the commission , what does the term broker of record refer to ?An individual broker responsible for the real estate transactions of a partnership , association , or corporation who holds a broker's licencoLicensed salespersons may hold an active license with more than one Pennsylvania broker under which of the following circumstancesUnder no circumstances