Interim Complete and Partial Dentures

How the arches are restored after the teeth have been extracted.
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Denture Policy At UDM The timing of fabricating a definitive complete dentures after extractions needs to be communicated with the patient clearly. Recommend wait for _____ during _____before fabricating definitive dentures.6 months to a year alveolar bone remodeling phaseDenture Policy At UDM If the patient would like to have interim dentures during that time, ______can be made shortly after extractions. They need to be treatment planned with _______and then a new set of definitive dentures can still be fabricated after _____initial impressions possible soft relines 6 months.denture policy at UDM If the patient is interested in having dentures at the time of extractions then _____ protocol should be followed. With a definitive denture fabricated in _____immediate denture 6 months.denture policy at UDM Please have a detailed interview with patient to meet patient's _____expectations and limitations of prosthesesimmediate interim prostheses Discuss with the patient:Need for extraction of the posterior teeth only Extraction of all of the teeth and insertion of the interims at the same time Need for soft liner Routinely is NOT done in our clinicInterim Partial / Complete Denture TechniqueDiagnostic impressions Maxillary/mandibular final impression if indicated Identify posterior extension and palatal seal Base-plates and wax rims Select the appropriate mold and shade of replacement teeth Maxillomandibular records Determine the need to alter the vertical dimensionPartial Edentulous Diagnostic ImpressionsInterim Complete Denture TechniqueDiagnostic impressions Identify posterior extension and palatal seal Base-plates and wax rims Select the appropriate mold and shade of replacement teeth Jaw records Determine the need for alveoloplastyInterim Partial / Complete Denture Technique Base-plates and wax rimsInterim Partial / Complete Denture Technique Select the appropriate mold and shade of replacement teethuse classic for interim use portrait for definitiveInterim Partial / Complete Denture Technique maxillomandibular recordsuse aluwax or regisil then articulate castsInterim Partial / Complete Denture Technique determine need for alveoloplastyby surveying the castinterim partial dentureswhen replacing more teeth use rigid acrylic with wrought wire claspsDesign of the Interim RPDclasps rests major connectors bracing retentionDesigns for interim RPDS - ClaspsFormed from 18-32 stainless steel wire Ball clasp Pre-made soft metal C-type clasp Pre-made T-bar clasp Metal reinforcementDesigns for interim RPDS - Clasps formed from 18-32 stainless steel wire.02 undercut circumferential claspDesigns for interim RPDS - Clasps ball claspprevents interim RPD from exerting pressure on edentulous areas Indicated in protecting grafted sitedDesigns for interim RPDS - Clasps pre-made T-bar claspRests for interim RPDsL-shape bends in 18-32 stainless steel wire ½ size ball clasps Small acrylic restsRests for interim RPDs small acrylic restsnot durableDesign of Interim RPD - Major Connector materialacrylicDesign of Interim RPD - Major Connector coveragefull palatal coverage or horse-shoe shapeDesign of Interim RPD - Major Connector retentionRetentive clasps embedded into the major connector (acrylic)Design of the Interim RPD - BracingLingual/palatal major connector provides bracing Acrylic contacts teeth at the height of contourInterim RPD adjustments commonly adjustAdvantages of Definitive RPDs over Interim RPDsclasps major connectors rests retentionAdvantages of Definitive RPDs over Interim RPDs claspsCast clasps which are stronger and more retentive than wrought wire claspsAdvantages of Definitive RPDs over Interim RPDs major connectorsCast which is thinner and stronger than acrylicAdvantages of Definitive RPDs over Interim RPDs restsWell adapted to the abutmentAdvantages of Definitive RPDs over Interim RPDs retentionDefinitive RPDs are more retentive than interim RPDsInterim prostheses fabrication techniquesheat-cured injection mold chemically-cured printedInterim prostheses fabrication techniques heat-cured injection moldstrongest takes longerInterim prostheses fabrication techniques chemically-curednot as strong as heat-cured quicker turn around timeInterim prostheses fabrication techniques printednot as strong porous can be made very quickly