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Political Machines
Political organization that used legal and illegal means to ensure their candidates won elections.
Corrupt political leaders who used bribery and favors to win vote/ elections.
Reformers who worked to solve problems caused by industrial and urban growth.
Journalists who wrote about corruption in business and politics in order to bring about reform.
17th Amendment
Allowed Americans to vote directly for U.S. senators.
Pressure Government
Made people aware of whats going on through newspaper.
William Marcy Tweed
The Tammany Hall boss had stolen as much as 200 million from the city treasury. Later convicted, however he died in jail.
1872 The Credit Mobilier Scandal
The New York sun printed a story about corruption in the U.S. congress.
Rutherford B. Hayes
A civil war hero they believed to be honest. He promised to reform the civil service.
City Planning
They worked with local officials to control city growth. They passed zoning laws, created building safety codes, developed public parks.
Civil Engineers
Planned street paved and bridge-building projects.
Sanitation Engineers
They tried to solve the problems of water supply, waste disposal and pollution.
John Dewey
He was a important philosopher and educator who changed American education.
Joseph McCormack
The American medical association was reorganized in 1901.
Ulysses S. Grant
He was elected president in 1868 and re-elected in 1872.
Samuel J. Tilden
The 1876 campaign he was a candidate who promised to run an honest administration.
Rutherford B. Hayes
A civil war hero they believed to be honest. He promised to reform the civil service.
Ida Tarbell
Wrote many articles attacking John D. Rockefeller standard Oil Company.
Other reform measures allowed voters to call for a action on political issues.
Allows voters to propose a new law by getting procedure signatures.
Allows voters to approve or disprove a law that has already been proposed or passed by a state or local governments.
Wisconsin Idea
Follette developed this, a program of reforms. The program was set to out reduce the influence of political machines and to make a state government more efficient.