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Midterm Exam #1
Faith is a hope in that which is not seen which is true
According to Alma, what is faith?
Alma 32
Title of Liberty
"In memory of our God, our religion and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children."
A girdle about your loins; a breastplate over your heart; your feet shod; a helmet on your head
President Harold B. Lee talks about four vulnerable areas of the body for which Paul describes protective armor. What are the four areas?
The progressive development of an idea which is repeated backwards to the point where it began; ABCCBA
Alma 36; pg 232
Iniquity; to walk up rightly before the Lord
What was the Nephites' primary problem?
Alma 53:9
Amalickiah's Ascension
1. Rebels and leaves Nephites
2. Stir up Lamanites againist the Nephites
3. Becomes great commander of the Lamanites
4. Many Lamanites flea to Onidah and Lehonti becomes new king; Amalickiah convinces Lehonti to have his army surround his army
5. Amalickiah's army falls in with Lehonti's army
6. Poison's Lehonti and becomes chief commander
7. March back to the City of Nephi; servant kills the king during the traditional greeting; blame is on the servants of the king who ran to Zarahemla with the people of Ammon
8. Convince the Queen that the servants killed the king
9. Marries the Queen and becomes the king of the Lamanites
Who killed Amalickiah, Ammoron, and Morianton?
Amalickiah, Ammoron, and Morianton
Who are the three prominent Nephite dissenters?
Wanted to destroy the liberty of the people and replace the chief judge with a king
They were of a certain birth status
Nephite chief judge
Couldn't provide provisions to the fronts of the war
Moroni wrote a scathing epistle to...?
Rebellion in the government
How did Pahoran respond to the epistle?
Alma 61
Title of liberty; God, religion, freedom, wives, children, neighbor
What was the better cause for which the Nephites were fighting?
Who murdered Pahoran?
Who later became the leader of the band of Kishkumen?
Alma, Helaman, Shiblon, Helaman, Nephi, Nephi, Nephi.
From Alma the elder, be able to show the genealogy of the record keepers and prophet/leaders down to the coming of Christ. (manual, p. 408)
Alma to Helaman: Alma 36
"In all their trials, troubles, and afflictions they will be......"
None - all received injury
In that battle for the city of Manti, how many of the Sons of Helaman (stripling warriors) were killed?
Enlarge my soul; enlighten my understanding; taste delicious
Three inner sensations of a good seed.
Alma 32:28
cast out the poor; God is a spirit; they are elected; no Christ; same continuous prayer; only pray on the Rameupton
False doctrine of the Zoramites on the Rameupton.
Alma 31: 9-17; pg 220
Cross yourself
Alma to Corianton; sexual sin; self-control phrase
Alma 39:9
That which ye do send out shall return unto again
Alma states that, according to the law of restoration, that which we do "send out" will what?
Alma 41:15
No Christ; no atonement; men prosper according to genius; conquered according to strength; no crime; truth only comes from senses; no God; prophecies = foolish traditions of the fathers; success comes from human means; Nephites believe that a child is born guilty because of the parents' transgressions
Arguments of Korihor
Declared the gospel; unwearingly sought Go'd will; didn't fear the people/didn't seek own life
As Nephi goes home, the Lord says he is blessed. Why? (three reasons)
Won't ask anything contrary to God's will
The Lord gives Nephi the sealing power, that "all things shall be done" according to his word. What personal quality does the Lord identify in Nephi that qualifies him for this power?
Helaman 10
Alma the younger; Nephi the son of Helaman
In the second half of the Book of Mormon, there are two prophets who are believed to have "died" like Moses, or taken up into heaven, because they leave the people and are never heard of again. Who are they?
Zoramites; became for themselves
Who brought affliction, and caused faith and righteousness to decrease after Jesus' birth? What phrase succinctly describes the essence of their problems?
Gadianton's control the government
What great social change is found in Helaman chapters 5 and 6?
Samuel the Lamanite says ... "Ye do not remember the Lord your God in the things with which he hath blessed you, but ye do always remember your _______"
Angry with them, cast him out and wish to destroy him, false prophet, sinner, of the devil: because he testifieth that your deeds are evil
How do wicked people view righteous leaders?
Receive him, say that he is a prophet, lift him up, give him things, clothe him in costly apparel
How do wicked people view wicked leaders?
Steals from the Nephites - can't generate on their own; work=glorious;
What makes the Gadianton's parastic? What eternal principle does this illustrate? How does this relate to current affairs?
3 Nephi 4
That his justice and judgement may come upon the wicked.
Why does the Lord sometimes allow the righteous to be slain?
Alma 60:13
State of thoughtless stupor
In his censuring epistle to Pahoran, how does Moroni's criticism describe idle, uncaring, apathetic rulers/leaders who do not use their power and authority to responsibly and actively protect and serve?
Alma 60:7
The powers of hell would have been shaken forever and the devil would never have power over the hearts of the children
What would be the effect if all people "had been, were, and ever would be like unto Moroni"? Alma 48
Fast and pray oft, wax strong in humility, firm in the faith of Christ; because of their yielding their hearts unto God
How can we sanctify our hearts?
Helaman 3:33-35
Past, present, future
Ourselves, our family, and the church
From President Benson's talk on pride, how many different areas of our lives can be negatively affected by pride?
pg 278-279
Not afraid;
1. pray to the Lord
2. gather the women and children and flocks, herds, and provisions
3. fortifications
4. unify armies and place guards
5. preach repentance
6. appoint chief judges
7. make/repair armor/weapons - fortify their own center - not seeking triumph over enemy's land
What was Lachoneus' attitude toward Giddianhi's threatening epistle? What did he have his people do in response?
Prophets; the spirit of revelation and prophecy
What advantage did Lachoneus and Gidgidoni have in addition to their physical and mental abilities?
3 Nephi 3
Fraud and deceit; appointed by the people
Amalickiah obtained power by ________________ when Moroni did by _______________
pg 252
He said so many things: some are likely to occur, but not all will come true; not reasonable; why not us? why Jerusalem?; wicked traditions of the fathers; cannot be seen
What are some of the arguments that the unbelievers made against the preaching of Samuel the Lamanite?
Helaman 16
Day-Night-Day = really really long day
reaction- fall down as if dead; struck by fear
What was the sign of Christ's birth? What was the reaction of those who had not believed or been faithful?
Although they know the truth and the gospel yet they follow through with rebellion and destroy the unity through division. Usually caused by moral issues. Won't do their duty/defend their duty. Unwilling to maintain Title of Liberty or righteous warfare.
What is a dissenter?
Hatred and propaganda; righteousness and faithfulness to God and covenants
Amalickiah incited the people through___________ while Moroni rallied the people to____________
destroy; rejoiced
Amalickiah sought to __________ the liberty of the people while Moroni _____________ in the liberty and freedom of his country/people
didn't care about; loved
Amalickiah ___________ his people while Moroni ___________ his people
promote his own selfishness; the welfare and safety of his people
Amalickiah worked to _______________ while Moroni worked for ___________
Passion; righteous principles
Amalickiah was governed by____________ while Moroni was governed by ___________
aggressively conquer and make oaths to destroy; never raise a sword except to defend one's family, life, or freedoms
Amalickiah taught his people to ____________ while Moroni taught his people to________________
cursed; kill; sought; preserving life
Amalickiah ________ God and swore to _______ while Moroni ________ God's help in ___________
Contentions and dissension
Amalickiah worked to creat _________________ while Moroni worked to put an end to_________________