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In the graphic user interface (GUI) of Pro, which ribbons are always visible?
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How have sources of GIS data changed in the past 20 years?We've moved from data only being on a computer's hard drive or CD to the internetMaps, Views, and Contents are all organized into which entity in ArcGIS Pro?ProjectWhen data is stored in GIS, they have a source scale, but not a map scale because:They have coordinates, but they do not specify how the map will be displayedWhich of the following would be a "large scale" map?CORRECT: 1:10,000 scale map of Eckerd College OPTION-- 1:24,000 scale map of the Pinellas County OPTION-- 1:100,000 scale map of the USIn terms of ArcGIS Pro, what is a layer?Each spatial data set in a map