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Mountains on French border

los Pirineos

Dictator from 1939-75

Francisco Franco

Highest point

el Pico de Teide en Tenerife

Current king and queen

Juan Carlos y Sofía

Typical dance

El flamenco

National hymn

la Marcha Real

Prime minister

Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero

National day

12 de octubre

Four main languages

español, catalan, vascuence y gallego

Main religion

católico romana

Tomato fight in Buñol, Valencia

la Tomatina

Biggest production

aceite de oliva

Peninsula Spain and Portugal share

la península ibérica

Islands and regions that Spain owns

Las Islas Canarias y las Baleares, Ceuta y Melilla en Africa

First people in Spain

900-650 Los celtas y los iberos

What did the Romans bring?

205 lengua, leyes, arquitectura, acueducto, circo, siesta, urbanización

First city in Spain


What did the Visigoths bring?

409 suevos, alanos y vándalos

What did the Moors bring?

771-1492 medicina, arquitectura, guitarra, lengua.

Tallest point in the peninsula

el Mulhacén

Most navigable and longest rivers

El guadlquivir y el tajo

Queen Sophia museum has ___ art


Prado museum has ____ art

bellas artes

Who controls the language?

La Real Academia Española

Terrorist group



el TALGO y el AVE

Famous artists

Goya, Gaudí, Velázquez, Picasso, Dalí

Famous writers/poets

Cervantes, Machado, Jiménez

What is the most industrious city that produces steel? (acero)


Plaza in Madrid

Puerta del Sol

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