History ch.7

George Washington, under the constitution, was giving guidelines to create his own ____________.
and to create and add the ____________ of ____________ to the constitution, so that republicans would could get their end of the bargain held.
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(1.) Alexander Hamilton Financial Plan was very _______________ because it would line the pockets on (2.)_____________ and ______________.(people who would bye the bonds)
(3.) Alexanders plans were the source of disagreement between the ______ _________.
(4.) He wanted to assume all ___________ debts.
(5.) In order to give his financial plans passed he had the nationals capital located in the ______________.
(1.) ____________ affair was happening around the same time. (2.) __________ navy is seizing merchant ships (3.) The XYZ Affair made it illegal to criticise ______________ and the _____________. (4.) Federalists response is the _________________ Acts. (5.) Republican response the ________________________ Resolution. (6.) ____________________ plan states that when congress passes a law that is unconstitutional states have the right to not pass it.1. XYZ 2. French 3. Congress and the president 4. Alien and Sedition Acts 5. Virginia and Kentucky 6. Virginia and Kentucky(1.) Jefferson was the elected president after Adams one term, was called the _____________________because it changed from federalist to republic (2.) brought peace between the two parties without any ____________.1. revolution of the 1800s 2. bloodshed(1.) Treaty of _________ did nothing to protect the Native Americans, they're lands. (2.) Henry Knox policy towards the Native Americans is a ________________. (3.) Response from the Native Americans resist being forced to to converge to ________________ and giving up their tribal ___________. (4.) ______________ jackets of the silicas urges his tribes to resist and maintain their cultural heritage.1. Paris 2. simulation (the dominate culture is the one that rules and the other culture turns to their culture to the dominate one) 3. Christianity; lands 4. Chief Red jackets(1.) People moving into Gulf Mexico and northwest territory, all in search for _________. (2.) southern people are looking for land to have a _______________ economy (3.) other people are looking for _____________________ and _________________.1. land 2. plantation 3. subsistence crops and small farm(1.) Marbury v. Madison gives the Supreme Court __________________. Gives the Supreme Court the power to overturn lower court decisions1. judicial reviewPinky's Treaty is important because it open up trade along Mississippi and New Orleans(1.) The laundresses in the northwest was open for ______________________ and ________________ to buy. -Jeffersonian Republican wanted to keep that land low for farmers to buy (3.) When Jefferson decided to buy New Orleans- at first it violated the pinky treaty and he wasn't sure he should do it because Jefferson had a ______________________ of the constitution -Later on he purchases the territory because opportunity was good1. individual farmers and landowners 3. strict interpretationWhy did Aron Burr kill Alexander Hamilton in the duel-cause of the duel was disparaging remarks Hamilton had allegedly made about Burr -Burr and other federalist were mad about the republicans winning.Louis clark expedition--To explore the Louisiana Purchase and the Pacific Northwest -brought a rise in the northern plains fur tradeembargo act of 1807 and how it impacts united states and economy-Thomas Jefferson and the U.S. Congress prohibited American ships from trading in foreign ports -Agricultural prices and earnings fell. Shipping-related industries were devastated. Existing markets were wrecked. Unemployment increased. -failed to improve American diplomatic position -hurt the economy -nation fell into recessionFederalists response to the war of 1812--Most Federalists strongly opposed the war -hurt a lot of merchants -Andrew jackson because they believed it would disrupt the maritime trade on which many northeastern businesses depended. -after the war the federalists part weaknessoutcome of the election of 1818-James Monroe signed legislation known as the Enabling Act, which laid out the requirements for Illinois to become a state.Maubry vs Madisonconstitution could say it was a law or not