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Mr. Zema Period 5 PreAp World Geography Fall 2011 Chapters 5-7

What ancient mountain chain is located in the eastern United States?

Appalachian Mountains

One of the challenges faced by nations formed largely by immigrants from many countries and cultures is how to retain cultural diversity while creating:

National unity

Canada's Native American peoples are called:

First Nations

Petroleum processing and farming are chief economic activities in what region of Canada?

Prairie Provinces

A bacterium or virus that can be used to harm or kill people, animals or pants:

Biological weapon

The main economic activity of the atlantic provinces:


a huge urban region, such as boswash is known as


foods animals plants and diseases moved btwn eastern and western hemispheres as a result of what?

columbian exchange

where do nearly 90% of canadians live

within 100mi of the us canadian border

what is situated along the highest points of the rocky mountains?

continental divide

what was the political union the british formed btwn upper canada and lower canada in 1867

dominion of canada

ontario and quebec are

core provinces

why are rocky mountains higher and more jagged than the appalachians?

they are younger

countries such as the us and canada are considered what economies?

post industrial

poorly planned development that spreads a citys population over a wider and wider geoggraphic area

urban sprawl

a person of mized french and native american ancestry is know as ________ in canada


what provinces of canada are known as the atlantic provinces?

prince edward island, new brunswick, nova scotia, newfoundland

saskatchewan alberta and manitoba are from what region of canada

prairie provinces

who are descendants of the french acadians that wre expelled from present day nova scotia in 1713


the sea is the most important resource for what region of canada

atlantic provinces

a person with no permanent home who moves along according to the seasons


one type of climate found int he united states but not canada

tropical wet & dry

idaho and new mexico are part of what region in the us


the basis of the us economy has chaged from:

agriculture to manufacturing to service industries

canadian political unit created in 1999 for the native americans especially the inuit


the efficient use and conservation of land and other resources particularly in city development is called

smart growth

the use of force or violence to cause fear for political or social reasons


what natural resources that have most contributed to the exonomic growth of the united states

fertile soil gold coal iron petroleum

name for the winds that mose affect the coast of california

prevailing westerlies

canadian province with a distinct french culture


this important n.estern waterway uses a serious of locks that rause and lower water levels

st lawrence seaway

name for another part of the interior lowlands that is a rocky flat region covering nearly 2 million square miles encircling hudson bay

canadian sheild

a community where residents can live and work in harmony within the environment

sustainable community

individualism and free enterprise are the enphasis of the political system of which country

united states

a section of waterway with closed gates where water levels raise and lower


the n.east region of the us is most similar to what region of canada

atlantic provinces

a worldwide interconnected group such as al qaeda is known as

global network

the name of the subtropucal ecosystem that consists of large swamplands in florida


n.y. and pensylvania are part of this region in the us


early nomads migrating to north american most likely began their first settlements here:

near water

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