Chapter 6

The scientific theory that all life forms have descended from a common ancestor by natural processes without intelligent intervention. This has never been observed in nature.
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This statement points out the fact that science is merely a method employed by fallible people, each with his or her own worldview. Because people are fallible, mistakes can be made and the tool of science can be used incorrectly.Describe what is meant by the statement "science doesn't say anything, scientists do."Because Darwinism is "morally comfortable". That means by rejecting God humans can live as they please, and determine what is right and wrong (like abortion, same sex marriage, fornication, etc.) for themselves without God's opinion getting in the way.What is the reason many grants are provided to scientists pursuing Darwinian agendas even though the science shows it is most definitely a dead end and completely false?This is the search for how something works. It studies present systems, conducting repeatable experiments to determine facts about how the universe works (like studying how an engine works or how life functions).Empirical scienceThis is the search for how something began. It studies the past, which isn't repeatable, looking for clues to the origin of things by comparing it with processes we can study today (like looking for the origin of an engine or how life began).Forensic scienceLikely around 20 Million books worth, enough to stack 1000 on every seat in a large sports arena, far higher than the ceilingHow many books worth of information does the brain holdAntibiotic resistant bacteria Finches with different beaks based on habitatGive some examples of Micro-EvolutionDarwinists are masters at defining the term "evolution" broadly enough so that evidence in one situation might be counted as evidence in another. (ie. evidence for micro evolution is used to prove macro evolution)How is micro evolution evidence abused?MING! Molecular Isolation Irreducible Complexity Non-viability of transitional forms Genetic LimitsList 4 problems with natural selectionHe wrote, "Why then is not every geological formation and every stratum full of such intermediate links? Geology assuredly does not reveal any such finely graduated organic chain, and this, perhaps, is the most obvious and gravest objection which can be urged against my theory." Darwin also stated he expected future discoveries to uncover the missing transitional species. This has never happened since thenWhat did Darwin say about the fossil record concerning his theory?Stasis: Species leave the fossil record looking very much the same as they appeared Sudden Appearance: Species in the fossil record always appear fully formed from the get-go, they never appear to develop slowly from something differentList and explain the two attributes of the fossil record regarding life formsGould suggested that species' evolved much faster early on. Again there is no evidence for this theory, just more speculationWhat is the punctuated Equilibrium theory?In this Cambrian era is when nearly all species appeared on earth very nearly at the same time, not gradually from one form to the nextWhat is the Cambrian Explosion?The two biggest reasons: Morality: By admitting God they are admitting they are not the highest authority. Consider how that changes the morality surrounding abortion, they are not ok with that Funding: There is significant financial security in being a Darwinist because many rich people support science that pushes toward the currently chosen moral view of the world that is ok with abortion etc. . Accepting intelligent design means many of those funds drying upWhy are Darwinists so intent on not letting God even have a "foot in the door"?SCRIMS! (SC,R,I,M,S) Specified Complexity: Life consists of thousands and even millions of volumes of empirically detectable specified complexity (and is, therefore, more than just the nonliving chemicals it contains); Range: Life changes only within a limited range (aka Cyclically); Irreducible Complexity: Life cannot be built or modified gradually (i.e., is irreducibly complex); Molecular Isolation: Life is molecularly isolated between basic types (there's no ancestral progression at the molecular level); Sudden Appearance: Life eaves a fossil record of fully formed creatures that appear suddenly, do not change, and then disappear suddenly.list of proofs for intelligent design in life formsBecause if presented with rational ID theories kids might be less apt to believe in evolution recognizing it is on MUCH shakier ground. Who wants to believe something which is probably not true?Why do Darwinists probably fear intelligent design theories being taught in school?Since natural selection can only begin to work in an existing system, it can only explain how a species developed after it came into being. It cannot account for the arrival of that species—the first life.While natural selection may be able to explain the survival of a species, it cannot explain the arrival of the species. What does that mean?People who believe in theistic macroevolution seem to do so out of a desire to harmonize the Bible and the world. However, the fact is that there isn't conflicting evidence—some pointing to creation and some to evolution. With no sustainable scientific evidence backing up macroevolution, there is no need to try to work God into the theory of evolution.Should should Christians not support "God Driven Macro-evolution" AKA "Theistic Evolution/Theistic Macro-evolution"