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organic compounds

anything that contains carbon

chemical energy

What is stored in the bonds between atoms?


How many electrons do elements to be stable?


How many electrons do carbon need to be stable?


How many electrons can carbon share?

chain, branched chain, ring

What 3 shapes can carbon bonding form?

functional group

groups of atoms that determine the properties of a particular molecule


Name one type of functional group.


What has a hydroxyl group as the function group?


What makes alcohol a polar molecule?

ethanol, methanol, glycerol

What are three types of alcohols?

assembling monomers

How are carbon compounds made?


simple, single units of molecules


many linked monomers

condensation reaction

a chemical reaction linking monomers together to form polymers


What forms during the process of condensation reaction?


a chemical reaction that breaks polymers into monomers


the chemical molecule use by cells


What does ATP undergoes by to release the energy in its bonds?


Does breaking ATP bonds requiring more or less energy than it gives off?

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