30 terms

Physical Science Exam Study Guide

What is mechanics?
Modern study of motion
What is kinematics?
A description of how things move
What is dynamics?
A description of what causes things to move
What is a boundary?
Actual surfaces, or imaginary boxes
What is a system?
Everything inside the boundary
What is a surrounding?
Everything outside the boundary
What is an accelerated reference frame?
Observational reference frame is accelerationg with object
What is a fixed reference frame?
You are in a fixed position watching the object moving
What is a rotational reference frame?
Rotation objects are stationary
What is a coordinate axis?
Imaginary line marked off in units
How do you calculate the time interval?
Subract the intial time from the final time
What are used to illustrate vectors in diagrams?
What is motion?
it occurs when a system's postion changes during an interval of time
What is acceleration?
The rate of change of the speed of velocity during a given time interval
What is force?
a push or pull on a system
What unit is used to describe force, and what does it mean?
(N) it means Newton
What is free fall?
When an object is falling do to gravity alone
What number represents the acceleration of gravity?
9.81 or just 9.8
What is drag?
A form of friction call air resistance
What is terminal velocity?
When the objects velocity is constant for the remainder of it's fall
What is momentum?
How much force is required to change a moving objects motion
What is velocity?
The rate of displacement
What is inertia?
Objects continue moving indefintely unless they are affected by some external force
What number represents G?
6.67*10^-11 (six point six seven times ten to the negative eleven)
What are the two properties of a moving object that affect its momentum?
mass and velocity
What three variacle factors determine the force of gravity between any two objects?
mass 1 and mass 2, and destance between the centers
What units are Newtons derived from?
What is distance?
Distance is how far you actually traved
What is displacement?
How far you are from when you started
What is the difference between scalar and vector
scalar is speed and vector is direction