Practice Quiz - ch 2 "The Hotel Business"

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I'm order to determine if a hotel development project would likely succeed, we would perform
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Leadership, insuring service of all guest rooms and public areas, operating the department within a budget, and accurate record keeping are all duties of thefront office managerIn house and guest communications in a hotel are managed byCBX or PBXSpecial hotel accounts for a company that has established credit with a hotel are calledcity ledgerGlobal distribution systems were first used by theairline industryIn a large full-service hotel, the front office manager reports to the:rooms division mangerwhich of the following hotel divisions or departments would be primarily responsible for maintaining the grounds surrounding a hotelengineering divisionWhich of the following areas of a hotel is a support center?housekeeping departmentWhich of the following is a primary FO concern during the occupancy stage of the guest cyclesecuritywhich of the following eliminates the need for a telephone operator to intervene and record the times and charge of calls made by in house guest?a call accounting systemthe calculation for Room Occupancy (ROP)= # of rooms occupied/# of rooms available x100Calculation for Average Daily Rate (ADR)total of rooms revenue/ total # of rooms soldcalculation for Revenue per available room (RevPAR)rooms revenue/ # of rooms avaliable