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  1. rebuke
  2. defame
  3. adulation
  4. denigrate
  5. redeem
  1. a to attack the reputation of; to speak ill of; defame
  2. b to attack a person's reputation; to slander
  3. c to release from debt or blame, to free from the consequences of sin
  4. d to criticize sharply
  5. e excessive praise or admiration

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  1. treat as highly important
  2. to speak of negatively; to belittle
  3. commanding respect because of great age or impressive dignity
  4. to accuse or condemn or openly or formally or brand as disgraceful
  5. disdainfully or ironically humorous; sarcastic

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  1. disdainto attack a person's reputation; to slander


  2. spitefulto openly condemn, to express strong disapproval


  3. depreciateto decrease in value


  4. irreverentshowing lack of due respect or veneration


  5. derisionridicule, mockery


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