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Circle of Grace - Grade 7

This list includes all vocabulary terms for the Circle of Grace program for K-8

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Children of God
All people are made and loved by God.
Circle of Grace
The love and goodness of God which always surrounds me and all
Something I sense inside myself (e.g. angry, sad, happy, afraid, embarrassed, confused, excited, peaceful, etc.) which gives me information about others or myself.
The gift of God's goodness and love to help me live as his child.
Special because of a connection with God.
Holy Spirit
God present with and within me. The Holy Spirit helps me to remember
that I belong to God. The Holy Spirit helps me to experience and live God's love.
Being kind to others and doing what's best for myself and others because I honor all people as Children of God.
I am safe when my body and my feelings are respected by me and by others.
Safe Touch
Touch that respects others and me.
A secret is something I know but do not tell.
Safe Secret
A secret is safe when it does not hurt others or me.
Unsafe Secret
A secret is unsafe when I think that someone, including me,
might be hurt or get in trouble if I do not tell.
A sign that tells me something may be safe or unsafe. This may be internal or external.
A traffic light (red, yellow, green) that is a visual signal for keeping vehicles and people safe.
Being able to count on someone to help me to stay safe within my Circle of Grace.
Trusted Adult
A grown‐up who helps me to stay safe in my Circle of Grace and to
respect others within their Circle of Grace.
Anything that causes harm to myself or others.
Unsafe Touch
Touch that is disrespectful and hurts, scares, or makes me feel
uncomfortable or confused.
A picture or object that stands for something else.
The borders or limits we need to keep ourselves safe within our Circle of
We are so unique and precious that we could not be replaced in God's eyes.
To break a law, promise, or boundary.
An online journal. Personal stories or thoughts can be posted as in a personal journal. This is a public journal that anyone can access.
Chat Room
The name given to a place or page in a website or online service where
people can chat with each other by typing messages which are displayed almost instantly on the screens of others who are in the chat room.
Sending a deliberately confrontational message to others on the Internet.
Inappropriate Material
Pictures or words that make you feel uncomfortable, scared, or that intentionally degrade a human person (the actual content, the pictures or word)
Instant Messaging (IM)
Technology similar to that of chat rooms which notifies a user
when a person is online allowing them to converse by exchanging text messages.
Courteous, honest, and polite behavior practiced on the Internet.
Personal Contact Information
Information that allows an individual to be contacted or located in the physical world, such as a telephone number or an address.
An identity theft scam in which criminals send out spam that imitates the
look and language of legitimate correspondence from e‐commerce sites. The fake messages generally link to websites that are similarly faked to look like the sites of the respected companies. On the sites you are directed to enter your personal information for authentication or confirmation purposes. The information, when submitted, goes to the thieves, not to the "spoofed" company.
Someone who uses the Internet to obtain personal information about others with the intent to do harm.
Mass communication formats (music, TV, magazines, movies, videos, Internet, computer games, books, advertisements, news, newspapers, radio, etc.) which provide education, information, entertainment, and advertising.
Inappropriate Media
Images or words, written, or spoken, that make you feel
uncomfortable, scared, or that intentionally degrade a human person. (Immoral content that is transferred by media companies/agencies)
A feeling of high regard or sense of awe.
A hope or aspiration which we imagine will become real.
The ability to understand the feelings of another person.
That which is sound and vigorous in mind, body, and spirit.
A connection with God or others.
Something said or done as a reaction or answer.
A special God‐given ability or gift.
A principle standard or quality considered desirable.
A break or infringement of another person's rights.
Treating with rudeness, insult, or lack of respect.