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  1. Substrate
  2. Solvent
  3. Active Site
  4. Ionic Bond
  5. Catalyst
  1. a Site on an enzyme that attaches to a substrate
  2. b Substances that reduce the activation energy of a chemical reaction
  3. c Bonds formed when atoms transfer electrons
  4. d What dissolves the solute - usually water
  5. e The substance on which an enzyme acts during a chemical reaction.

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  1. A substance made of the joined atoms of two or more different elements.
  2. Compound that Increases the concentration of hydrogen ions (h+) in solution
  3. An attraction between different substances (why things get wet)
  4. Substance that is dissolved
  5. A long chain of smaller molecules called nucleotides

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  1. AtomThe smallest unit of matter that can not be broken down by chemical means.


  2. Convalent BondForms when 2 or more atoms share electrons to form a molecule


  3. EnzymeSubstances that increase the speed of chemical reactions ( usually a protein, Lowers activation energy )


  4. ElementWhat dissolves the solute - usually water


  5. Mass NumberThe number of protons in the nucleus of an element.


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