ABD part 2

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An extrahepatic biliary obstruction that results from an impacted stone in the cystic duct, and creates extrinsic mechanical compression of the hepatic duct is known as __________ .
-Hilar Cholangiocarcinoma
-Caroli's Disease
-Mirizzi Syndrome
-Klatskin Tumor
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The portal triad consists of:
1) Common Bile Duct
2) Hepatic Duct
3) Cystic Duct
1) Right Portal Vein
2) Left Portal Vein
3) Main Portal Vein
1) Cystic Duct at the Gallbladder
2) Common Bile Duct at the Main Portal Vein
3) Common Bile Duct at the Pancreas
1) Portal Vein
2) Hepatic Artery
3) Bile Duct
A neoplasm involving the exocrine portion of the pancreas and is the most common primary pancreatic neoplasm. It accounts for 90% of all malignant pancreatic tumors.Adenocarcinoma