STT and Regional Musculoskeletal Screening

Three basic questions
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Strong and painlessNo contractile lesionStrong and painfulMild contract lesion Mild tendinopathy, grade 1 muscle strainWeak and painlessNeurological lesion (radiculpathy, spinal cord injury) Complete contractile lesion (tendon tear, grade 3 muscle strain)Weak and painfulModerate to severe contractile lesion (moderate-severe tendinopathy, grade 2 muscle strain)NMSK regional screen general componentsNeuro screen Observation Active movements in cardinal plane Active movements in combined planes Resistive testing Special tests *cardinal and combined planes can include overpressures as allowedProgress vigor of muscle, tendon, fascia examResistance from an elongated positionProgress vigor of a joint, cartilage, bursa, disc examCombine active movements Compressive overpressure Combined compressive over pressureProgress vigor of a capsule, ligament examCombined active movements Tensile overpressure Combine tensile overpressuresProgress vigor of a nervous tissue examNo progression of vigor per se, but consider multiple concurrent findings