Jarvis Chapter 10 Vital Signs Review Questions

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Which of the following is a normal range for a patient's temperature measured using an oral thermometer?
a. 37.5 C to 39.2 C
b. 35.8 C to 37.3 C
c. 36.2 C to 38.2 C
d. 34.0 C to 34.9 C
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A common error in blood pressure measurement is
a. waiting less than 1 to 2 minutes before repeating the blood pressure reading on the same arm
b. taking the blood pressure in an arm that is at the level of the heart
c. deflating the cuff about 2 mm Hg per heartbeat
d. using a blood pressure cuff whose bladder length is 80% of the arm circumference
To perform an accurate assessment of heart rate, the examiner can do which of the following? Select all that apply
A. Count the radial pulse for 30 seconds, if the pulse is regular, and multiply by two.
B. Auscultate the heart and count beats for 1 minute.
C. Count the radial pulse for 2 full minutes if the pulse is irregular.
D. Count the radial pulse for 15 seconds, if the pulse is irregular, and multiple by 2.