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13 terms

chapter 4 structure of the atom (people)

matter is made of small indestructible units called atom, no data to back this up
matter is continuous (no smallest particle of matter)
John Dalton
stated that all matter consists of tiny particles
John Dalton
stated that atoms are indestructible and unchangeable
John Dalton
stated that elements are characterized by the mass of their atoms
J.J. Thomson
stated that electrons have negative charge
J.J. Thomson
created the plumbing model
plumbing model
showed matter containing evenly distributed positive charge with electrons distributed out
gold foil experiment
gold foil experiment
alpha particles were aimed at gold foil, zinc sulfide around gold flashed when alpha particle hit
discovered plum pudding model incorrect
discovered the neutron
Henry Moseley
discovered that the number of protons could define that element