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The Creation of Government (Chapter 3 APUSH)


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Articles of Confederation
Shay's Rebellion
1786-1787--Against elite
Northwest Ordinance of 1787
1787--trial by jury, abolished slavery in Northwest territories, conditions under which apply for statehood
Bill of Rights
The Bloodless Revolution
1800--peaceful transfer of power to Jefferson
Marbury v. Madison
1803- result of Adams's midnight appointments...John Marshall.
The Twelfth Amendment
1804--Vote for Party Tickets
Embargo Act of 1807
1807--shut down American imports and exports to drastic effect on economy
Non-Intercourse Act
1809--reopened trade to all but Britain and France followed by Macon's Bill No. 2
War of 1812
1812--1814 White House burned...ended with Treaty of Ghent.
Panic of 1819
1819--financial scare following Era of Good Feelings
Missouri Compromise
1820-- 1...admitted Missouri as slave state, 2...Maine(free state)...3...line 36/30 parallel Louisiana Territory...4...southern slavery border