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Which of the following actions is recommended for pricing retail products?
A. Price all products as a group
B. Price all products individually
C. Don't push the price on the product
D. Make the price difficult to find
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Benefits of a product are all about: A. "Why it helps" B. "When it works" C. "What it will do" D. "Where it is sold""What it will do"Pareto's principle is called the: A. 50/50 rule B. 60/40 rule C. 80/20 rule D. 90/10 rule80/20 ruleWhich of the following buyer motivations is perhaps the easiest to recognize in the salon/spa? A. Want B. Need C. Like D. DislikeNeedWhat document introduces you to the salon/spa and offers a brief summary of why you would like to be employed at the salon/spa? A. Resume B. Profile C. Application D. Cover letterCover letterAlycia is open-minded and willing to take a chance on new products without hesitation. Alycia is considered what type of buyer? A. Ready B. Logical C. Bargain D. StubbornReadyIf an esthetician leaves a salon/spa, his or her clients will frequently: A. Stay at the salon/ spa B. Follow the esthetician C. Go to a different salon/spa from where the esthetician went D. Stay at the salon/spa and recommend others follow the estheticianFollow the estheticianWhich buyer type wants to save money at all costs and is not as interested in quality of the product as price? A. Ready B. Logical C. Bargain D. StubbornBargainThe exchange of services, products or expertise for money is known as: A. Selling B. Assessing C. Analyzing D. RecommendingSellingIf a client visits a salon/spa 9 times and spends $70 each time, what is the total revenue generated from this client? A. 330 B. 430 C. 530 D. 630630A composite of market statistics used to identify the general characteristics of individuals within that market is referred to as the: A. Client type B. Client factor C. Client trend D. Client profileClient profileAll of the following actions describe how to create a plan to achieve your goals EXCEPT: A. Identify resources B. Create a budget C. Avoid alternate plans D. Create a set of objective and a tasksAvoid alternate plansBenchmarks for a goal are usually expressed with: A. Letters B. Numbers C. Time periods D. Vague dreamsNumbersWhich of the following concepts involves convincing new clients to return and hopefully become lifelong clients? A. CRM B. Client factor C. Client profile D. Client retentionClient retentionThe generation that wants to know more about products/business is: A. Millennials B. iGeneration C. Baby boomers D. TraditionalistsTraditionalistsMeasurable goals will help you get organized and: A. Track your progress B. Force you to stretch C. Stick with the status quo D. Believe in what you can doTrack your progressAll of the following examples represent the team approach EXCEPT: A. Sharing knowledge B. Having common goals C. Reaching out to other professionals D. Not managing downtime constructivelyNot managing downtime constructively"Out of the products I showed you today, this is one I would recommend not leaving without," is an example of a statement you might use when: A. Link selling B. Retail selling C. Cross-selling D. Closing the saleClosing the saleWhat approximate percentage of all clients that visit the salon/spa are lost annually? A. Approximately 5% B. Approximately 10% C. Approximately 20% D. Approximately 40%Approximately 10%Which of the following time periods identifies the consideration for a long-term goal? A. 3 months B. 6 months C. 1 year D. 5 years5 yearsWhich client type requires accurate information regarding ingredients and product application? A. Authentic client B. Tentative client C. Analytical client D. Conventional clientAnalytical clientIdentifying types of treatment and competitive pricing that will attract potential clients is a clientele attraction method known as: A. Upselling B. Public relations C. Target marketing D. Community involvementTarget marketingThe type of salon/spa that uses a set business plan provided by a parent company is referred to as a(n): A. Chain salon/spa B. Med-spas C. Independent salon/spa D. Independent contractorChain salon/spaA salon/spa working harmoniously as a group can describe which of the following work ethics? A. Initiative B. Efficiency C. Teamwork D. DependabilityTeamworkA goal you believe can be accomplished represents which of the following S.M.A.R.T. goals? A. Timely B. Specific C. Realistic D. MeasurableRealisticThe following descriptions are all benefits of a product EXCEPT: A. Renewing effect B. Economical purchase C. Perfect size for traveling D. Concentrated formulaConcentrate formulaTracking your progress is accomplished in which of the S.M.A.R.T. goals? A. Timely B. Specific C. Achievable D. MeasurableMeasurableLeslie wants to identify a short-term goal. Which of the following time periods should she consider for completing that goal? A. 2 years B. 3 years C. 1 year D. 5 years1 yearBaby Boomers: A. Are highly educated and like shop B. We're born entirely in the internet era C. Spend more than any other generation D. Like to save/attracted by promotionsSpend more than any other generationWhich of the following statements describes a value add-on package? A. A popular service with a less popular service B. A popular service combined with another popular service C. A low cost service with another low cost D. A less popular service combined with another less popular serviceA popular service combined with a less popular serviceFeatures of a product are all about: A. "Where it is displayed" B. "What's in it" C. "Why it works" D. "When it stops working""What's in it"Sue has 100 clients and 20% of those clients give her 80% of her business, which correlates to the 80/20 rule. If Sue wants to reward 20% of her clients for their loyalty, how many clients will she be rewarding? A. 10 B. 20 C. 60 D. 8020Setting what type of S.M.A.R.T. goal will help you avoid procrastination? A. Timely B. Specific C. Achievable D. MeasurableTimelyWhen comparing the salon/spa versus the esthetician, which of the following responsibilities is assigned to the esthetician? A. Personalize the treatments offered B. Cross-market to existing clientele C. Maintain a safe, inviting environment D. Advertise and market treatments/ productsPersonalized the treatments offeredTrue or false Employment benefits, such as holiday pay, are considered part of an employees regular salary or wages.FalseRelevant client attributes and characteristics combined with the financial value of a client are referred to as the: A. Client factor B. Client profile C. Client referral D. Target marketClient factorWhat is meant by the Escapist Realm guest experience? A. Guest is immersed but remains passive B. Guest is passively absorbed through the senses C. Guest actively participates in an immersive environment D. Guest absorbs the events unfolding while actively participatingGuest actively participates in an immersive environmentA goal you know you can complete because someone did it before is considered: A. Timely B. Specific C. Achievable D. MeasurableAchievableAll of the following categories represent top customer demographics to note EXCEPT: A. Age B. Gender C. Trends D. Marital statusTrends"Is this something I can commit to?" is a question that would be asked when determining if a goal is: A. Timely B. Realistic C. Achievable D. MeasurableAchievableTrue or false According to Pareto's principle, 80% of profits are generated by less than 20% of the work, effort and resources.TrueGen X prefers: A. Brand over value B. Value over brand C. Knowing more about products/ business D. Humor and thinking "outside of the box"Value over brandWhat is considered to be the number one reason why clients move on to another salon/spa? A. Move away B. Product dissatisfaction C. Indifferent attitude of an employee D. Competitive reasonsIndifferent attitude of an employeeConsidering a client's lifestyle, diet, medical issues and subjective concerns means considering skin therapy from an approach known as: A. Holistic B. Retailing C. Identification D. RecommendationHolisticFeatures of a product are its characteristics, which might include: A. Renewing effect B. Size of container C. Perfect for traveling D. Economical purchaseSize of containerWhich of the following terms defines a specific target or benchmark of achievement that can be attained within a specific time frame? A. Goal B. Budget C. Schedule D. MilestoneGoalWhich of the following strategies works to involve the client when recommending products? A. State the price B. Give reasons why to buy the product C. Know what the promotions are D. Let client hold, smell or sample the productLet client hold, smell or sample the productFor estheticians just starting out, the most common and immediate source of referrals is: A. Client profile B. Target marketing C. Promotional literature D. Word-of-mouth recommendationsWord-of-mouth recommendationsAccording to industry experts, how often does the average loyal client visit a salon/spa? A. Every 2 weeks B. Every 6 weeks C. Every 3 months D. Twice per yearEvery 6 weeksWhich generation is born entirely in the internet era? A. Gen X B. Millennials C. iGeneration D. Baby BoomersiGenerationTrue or false A short-term goal helps you visualize where you will be in your career next week.FalseThe tentative client arrives at the salon/spa with which type of budget? A. Fixed B. Flexible C. Unlimited D. Non-existentFixedThe process that gives you access to people and resources within the industry that can provide you with opportunities for career advancement and continuing education is: A. Marketing B. Networking C. Client factor D. Client referralNetworkingWhich of the following generations was born between 1980 and 2000 and is especially brand-loyal? A. Gen X B. Gen Z C. Millennials D. Baby BommersMillennial