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bed epithelium

thin layer of tissue that attaches the nail plate and the nail bed.


living skin at the base of the natural nail plate that covers the matrix area.

free edge

part of the nail plate that extends over the tip of the finger or toe.


slightly thickened layer of skin that lies between the fingertip and free edge of the natural nail plate.


tough band of fibrous tissue that connects bones or holds an organ in place.


visible part of the matrix that extends from underneath the living skin; it is the whitish, half moon shape at the base of the nail.


area where the nail plate cells are formed; this area is composed of --------- cells that produce the nail plate.

nail bed

portion of the living skin that supports the nail plate as it grows toward the free edge.

nail cuticle

dead, colorless tissue attached to the natural nail plate.

nail folds

folds of the normal skin that surround the natural nail plate.

nail grooves

slits or furrows on the sides of the sidewall.

nail plate

hardened keratin plate that sits on and covers the natural nail bed. It is the most visible and functional part of the natural nail unit.

natural nail

the hard protective plate is composed mainly of keratin, the same fibrous protein found in the skin and har. The keratin in ------------ is harder than the keratin in skin and hair (onyx).

natural nail unit

composed of several major parts of the fingernail including the nail plate, nail bed, matrix, cuticle, eponychium, hyponychium, specialized ligaments, and nail fold.Together all these parts form the ------.


the fold of skin overlapping the side of the nail (lateral nail fold)

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