Late Colonial America 2

The Half-Way Covenant was
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How was wealth defined prior to the 17th century?by land ownership and what those lands producedWhich of the following is true regarding the military during the French and Indian War? [choose all that apply]the British officers expected American militia to be disciplined soldiers, the British regulars were a professional force, British officers would not listen to the advice of American militiaMost African slaves reached the New World by way ofThe Middle PassageWhose work, the Magnalia Christi Americana, claimed that the people of New England were blessed when they continued to live as the Puritan fathers had, but were punished when they did not?Cotton MatherWhich of the following is NOT true of religion in British Colonial America before the Great Awakening?church congregations became more and more independentWhat was the purpose of America's first universities?to train clergyThe largest slave rebellion of the colonial era wasthe Stono RebellionWhat act of Parliament closed the Ohio Valley to British expansion?The Proclamation of 1763Following the violence against the Stamp Master and Lieutenant Governor in Massachusetts, Samuel Adams declared that who would guard against abuse of the colonists by Parliament?the Sons of LibertyThe Stamp Act required official documents to be printed on stamped paper. Which of these documents were included in the list? [choose all that apply]newspapers, playing cards, deeds, marriage licensesWhich of the following is true about Jonathan Edwards? [choose all that apply]he was the grandson of Solomon Stoddard, he preached that God was a jealous and absolute creator, he was educated at YaleThe growing problem of _______________ and _____________ in England created issues between colonies and the mother country. [choose 2]debt, deficitWhen the Dominion of New England was broken apart, what was one result?Massachusetts received a new charter that combined several smaller colonial areas into one royal colonySolomon Stoddard criticized New England pastors fordull preaching without exhortationWhich of the following preached the sermon "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"?Jonathan EdwardsIn his speech regarding the Stamp Act, Patrick Henry said "If this be treason...""make the most of it. "Who was the Presbyterian minister who evangelized in Virginia in the 1750s?Samuel DaviesOver the course of the late 1600s and early 1700s, tensions between native tribes and New England colonistsPushed native tribes into a closer relationship with FranceOf the early leaders of Princeton, who was one of the most important contributors to American society and politics in the late 18th century?\John WitherspoonWhich of the following is NOT an influence of the Great Awakening on the colonies?the people began to see the ministry as a vocation only to make moneyThe _______________ Act of 1764 was an attempt to increase taxes by lowering the rate and increasing consumption.SugarWhich of the following is NOT true of the Great Awakening?it was solely a uniting eventThe ____________ ______________ in Pennsylvania was a place where William Tennent trained ministers.Log CollegeThe purpose of the Stamp Act Congress wasthe preservation of English rights under British lawThe French and Indian War was part of a larger, more global conflict calledThe Seven Years' War