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burnout: stage 1 (4)

mental/physical exhaustion
emotional emptiness
little or no desire to relate to patients
physical symptoms

burnout: stage 2 (3)

1. indifference
2. cynical, uncaring, disinterested, bitter
3. patients & family become dehumanized

burnout: stage 3 (4)

1. failure as a professional
2. not as capable, caring, competent
3. feeling of helplessness
4. clients/family feel alienation, despair of individual

burnout: stage 4 (4)

1. failure as person
2. self-hatred, isolation
3. major impact on family
4. absenteeism from work

burnout: stage 5 (4)

1. complete burnout
2. lacks affect
3. performs responsibilities with involvement, commitment or enthusiasm
4. contemplates leaving profession

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