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How did Bell become involved with the Deaf community?
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Abbe de I'Epee founded the first free educational institution for deaf people in France in:1771Language has only one function: to communicateFalseIt has been claimed that...only ASL offers deaf people 100% access to informationThe word/sign order in ASL is extremely rigidFalsePhonology is traditionally known as the study of sound in specific environments. Does sign language have this?Yes. It is still called phonology. ASL 'sounds' are not sounds you can hear, but are instead represented visually by handshake, location, movement, and palm orientationMany Deaf people are bilingualTrueWhich one of these is not a language?Signed EnglishRarified ASL is...seen in stage performances and is vividly expressive presentation of ASLASL was considered a "broken language" because...many people believed ASL was English represented on the hands, and since many deaf people showed evidence of broken English it stood to reason that their sign language was "broken"Noun-verb pairs in ASL are examples which illustrate that ASL has morphemes. What is a noun-verb pair?Pairs of signs with identical hand shapes, locations, and palm orientation but that differ on,y. Y movementAccording to McCaskill's study, only younger signers show a clear sense of group reference and personal identity as "Black Deaf" and can explain differences in Black signing and white signingFalseWhat is AAE?African American EnglishBlack Deaf women may experience three types of prejudice: racism, ableism, and sexism.TrueIn 2015, the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID), which is a college of Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), hosted:the first exhibit to celebrate and honor 100+ pieces of art by Black Deaf artists from around the worldHairston states that we live in a "hearing" and "color-conscious" society. Which of the following statements pairs best with this claim?Dismissing the racial aspect of the Black deaf community is impossible since the Black deaf individual is born with disadvantages related to race and ability.Some employers are reluctant to hire Black deaf people in anything but routine or minimal jobs for deaf they are incompetentTrueBlack and white Deaf students were segregated for (Ogunyipe)...100 yearsThe first teacher if deaf and blind people of color at the Maryland School for the Colored Deaf and Blind was...Reverend Samuel Adams, a white personThe Separate but Equal decision of the Supreme Court in 1986...caused deaf and blind students of color who had been in the same classroom as white children but who had separate sleeping and eating quarters to be removed from the classroomDr. Shirley Allen was the first Black Deaf woman to ___________ in 1993earn a doctorateAs discussed in Stapleton, there is nothing faculty can do about the hidden curriculum. Faculty by default present a bias-free education to students.FalseLanguage and speech differ in that...speech is one way to transmit languageWhy is it hard for deaf children to learn English? Wilbur claims that...Many deaf young adults have less cognitive and linguistic competence with syntactic structures due to a lack of cognitive and linguistic input as young childrenThe IDEA defines 'least restrictive environment' as:being educated alongside non-disabled peers in the same classroom with the same curriculumWhite deaf children are more likely to be educated in...regular schoolsStapleton argues that Black deaf students often fall into the trap of ________. This means that racist and audist micro aggressions compound to create unintended, poor outcomes of the schooling process for these students, leading them to acquire weaker language skills, a weaker academic foundation, and a weaker chance at a healthy cultural identity. This occurs through what happens in the classroom as well as what does not happen in the classroom.the hidden curriculumAccording to Williamson's article, many deaf and hard of hearing African American students are not functioning at grade level and have low standardized test scoresTrueA deaf child may learn through ASL about their culture, history, cultural values, academic subjects, as well as background knowledge. The more knowledge the child has in their reserves from their language experience in ASL, the better chance the child has at determining what printed words in English are trying to sayTrueBlack deaf children are more likely to be educated in _________ and _________separate schools, residential schoolsWhich of the following is not part of the US Department of Education's continuum of support for deaf children?No mandatory educational instruction