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official poll taken of the population


redistibutation of representatives


set new districts


dividing states/counties/countries into election districts

congressional district

number of districts in a state for voting purposes

legislative oversight

review executive branch activites

house rules committee

determines the importance of bills and scheduals them.


way to defeat a bill by stalling


each senator only gets 1 hour to debate about a bill

pork barrek

laws that appropriate money for federal projects

conference committee

joint committee when the house and senate pass different versions of the same bill

standing committee

committee that deals with bills about certain issues

joint committee

study group for the house and senate

select committee

temp. committee that looks at one specific issue

pocket veto

the pres. kills a bill in the last 10 days on congres by not acting on it

speaker of the house (duties)

decides which members to recognize first, appoints committee members, scheduels bills, refers bills, is next in line after v.p.

president pro tempore

second-highest-ranking official of the United States Senate

majority leader

plan legislative program, steer important bills through the house

minority leader

same responsibilities as the majority, no scheduling

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