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Central Processing

The ____________ reqires that the healthcare facilityreport malfuncation of the medical devices that have contributed to patient injury, illness , and / or death to the manufacturer and the FDA.
Safe Medical Device
The largest operating channel of the an endoscop is the _ channel
Instrument (biopsy)
The Process by Which the unwrapped instrument are steamed for immediate use when an emergency situtation arises, is called:
Flash Sterization
Which of the following is a system used to treat the final rinse of water for cleaning?
Medical Device reporting is regulated by the :
Chemical indicatrs are classifed by the FDA as devices:
Class II
Watches and other jewelry a should be worn in the central service department work areas because :
they harbor bacteria
Loaner instrument should:
be decontaminated before use
in ABC inventory Control system , "A" items represents:
the smallest number of items and the largest dollar value
Asset Management
which of the following is not an example of surgical asepsis?
Rod-shaped bacteria are classified as
Floors in the Central Service Department should be in:
Wet mopped daily
Microorganisms reproduce by process called
Binary fission
Purified water should have the PH of :
The absence of microorganism that causes disease is called :
Standards and regulations help set levels of _______ in Central Service Departments
Quality, Safety, Efficiency
In medical terminology, the propose of a combinig vowel is to:
make the word easier to pronouce
These carry blood away from the heart
A system that keeps track of the all incoming and outgoing supplies so that quantities of supplies in storage are known at all times, is:
perpetual inventory systems
when arranged plastic-paper pouches in the sterilizer, the pouches should be arranged :
Which of the following can be removed from water a reverse osmosis process is used?
In the event of a load recall, information about specfic load contents can be obtained from:
the sterilization log
Mechanical Sterilizer
The most efficient type of dry heat sterilizer is
Ortho-phthalaldehyde (OPA) is classified as
a high disinfectant
Healthcare regulation and Standard provide consistency of department activities by outlining
minimal performance standard
water softner are used to remove __________ water
Calcium and magnesium
The removal of kidney is called a:
Which type of scope is used to visualize the lower part of the large intestine?
Sterile Package should be stored no lower than _____ inches from the floor
To achieve a reasonable level of disnfecion, alchol used as an intermediate- level disinfectant must remain in wetcontac with the surface of the object being disinfected for minimum of of____________ minutes
5 min.
Common Vechcile
A mode of bacterial transmission that would take place when an infectious agent was transmitted through an item such as food or water is called:
Agency which may intervene in a matter of worker protection even if there are no specfic postions is called a :
job description
When using the PHscale, which of the following numbers would suggest the most alkalines?
Which of the following is an example of regulated waste?
Blood soaked sponges
The main theory of Standards Precuations is that:
Patients may pose a risk of infection whether they have been diagonsed with an infection disease or not
Which of the following types of trsh must be red- bagged?
regulated medical waste
Bacteria that growwell in warm temperture (122-158 F) are called:
Which of the following systems involves the transfer of the control of the healthcare facility's equipment mangenement to an external entity?
The percentage of items filled (available) when an order is placed is called the:
Inventory Service Level
This prion is of speical concern to Central Service technician because it cannot be destroyed by normal sterilzation cycle:
What type of carts/baskets should be used in an EtO sterilizer?
Which of the following would be the best choice for the cleaning walls fixtures and floors in the decontamination areas?
A Quaternary Ammoinum Compound
Which of the following instruments marking in methods is not recommended?
The angency responsible for the pre-market requirements od medical devices:
Which of the information is not included on MSDM Sheet
required inventory levels
Hinge Joint
The knee is an example of a
These chemicals are used to slow the growth of bacteria on living tissue such as skin
The surgical procedure that removes tissue or displaced bone in the wrist area to release pressure on the median nerves is called:
Carpal tunnel repair
Flash Sterilization of implants is not recommended by the
Information on each package that identifies the date of sterilizationthe aterilizer, and the sterilizer cycle run is contianed in the
Load Control Number
If a sterilizer has successfully killed all the bacterial spores in a biologicial indicator
It is called a negative test
The 2 most common temperture used in steam sterilization process is:
320-325 F
Sterilizer loads containing implants
must contain bioloigical indicator
The spore used in the testing of steam sterilization is:
Geobacillus atrophaeus
Biological testing should be performed in an ethlyene oxide sterilizer:
In every load
The first step in the sterilization process is:
Throuogh Cleaning
The class C Fires involves
enegerized electrical equipment
Some bacteria develope hard shells around them which makesthem more difficult to destroy. these bacterias are called :
Round-shaped Bacteria are classified as :