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A&P 121 - Study Guide for Test #2

Two types of vesicular transport include
1. Endocytosis

2. Exocytosis
A defense cell engulfing a bacterium illustrates
Which type of transport involves the movement of water
Facilitated diffusion differs from ordinary diffusion in that
It requires a carrier
Glycolysis occurs in what part of the cell
Electron transport chain occurs in what part of the cell
Inter-Mitochondrian Membrane
TCA Cycle occurs in what part of the cell
Matrix of Mitochondria
Mitochondria needs this to break down food and produce ATP
Glucose is converted to __________ before it enters the Mitochondria and the TCA Cycle
Pyruvic Acid
Examples of an Inorganic Substance is
CO2 O2 H2O
Inorganic Acids, Bases, and Salts
In the Body, Inorganic Compounds
Act as a solvent; Cooling through evaporation;
Transport Medium for dissolved materials and heat;
Medium for chemical reactions; Reactant in hydrolysis;
Structural components; Buffers; Sources of Ions;
Forms electrolytes; O2: Required for cellular metabolism;
CO2: Generated by cells as a waste product;
NO: chemical messenger in cardiovascular, nervous, and lymphatic systems
A solution containing equal numbers of Hydrogen Ions and Hydroxide Ions
Neutral Solution
In an aqueous solution, cations are attracted toward
The group of organic compounds containing Carbon, Hydrogen,Oxygen in a near 1:2:1 ratio is defined as a
Most of the fat found in the human body is in the form of
A polysaccharide that is formed in liver and muscle cells to store glucose is
The most important metabolic fuel molecule in the body is
Glucose C6H12O6
All of the following are functions of protein
Support; Transport; Metabolic Regulation;
Movement; Buffering; Coordination / Control Defense
You would expect a peptide bond to link
Adjacent Amino Acids used to form Polypeptides or Proteins
A linear chain of Amino Acids is termed what type of structure
Primary Structure
Interaction between individual tertiary structures to form a protein complex is a __________ structure
An Amino Acid is to a Protein as __________ is to a Nucleic Acid
The most abundant high-energy compound in cells is
Identify the product formed from the phosphorylation of ADP
The term used to collectively describe the organelles and the liquid in a cell is what
All of the following are funtions of the Plasma Membrane
Physical Isolation; Monitor Environment;
Regulate Change; Structural Support
Which Structural Protein is also important in cell division
The Organelle that forms lysosomes is
Golgi Apparatus / Inactive Enzymes
The Powerhouse of the cell is what
The process of protein translation occurs in what part of the cell
The Organelle where Protein Synthesis occurs is what
This term describes a substance that cannot be broken down into anything simpler by chemical reactions
What is the most abundant element in the body
The innermost electron shell in an atom holds up to _____ electrons
Isotopes of an element differ in the number of
The weakest bond between two atoms is the __________ bond
Ionic Bonds are formed when
Cations (+) and Anions (-) attract +/-
If a pair of electrons is unequally shared between two atoms, a(n) _______________ occurs
Polar Covalent Bond
During Mitosis, Chromatids separate into daughter chromosomes during
During this phase of cell division, the chromosomes uncoil, the nuclear membrane forms, and cytokinesis occurs
The term used to describe the moment in Mitosis when the Chromosomes align in a central plane is termed what
During Mitosis, two daughter cells form, each of which has
Which of these transport processes always requires metabolic energy
Vesicular Transport (Active Process)
The reaction N2 + 3 H2 ---- 2 NH3 is an example of a(an)
Synthesis Reaction
(ABC-H + HO-DE ----- ABCDE + H2O) This is an example of what type of reaction
Dehydration Synthesis or
Condensation Reaction
In Hydrolysis Reactions, compounds react with
The Triplet Codes needed to specify a specific polypeptide chain are found in the
The process of forming mRNA is called
As each Codon arrives at the active site of a Ribosome, it attracts another molecule containing the Anticodon and an Amino Acid. this molecule is called
The stage in a cell's life cycle in which the cell performs its normal functions and prepares for division is called