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Paragraph formatting

arrangement of text within paragraphs on a page properly and uniformly


used to indicate a new paragraph and offset long quotes

Line spacing

can be set for single, one and a half lines, double, or triple

Borders and shading

used together or separately to emphasize a specific textual element in a document

Bulleted list

used when the items are non-sequential

Numbered list

procedural lists that must be accomplished in a specific order

Hanging indent

The first line begins at the left margin and all remaining lines of the paragraph are indented five spaces from the left margin


are source references that are placed on a Notes page at the end of a document


are source references that are placed at the bottom of the same page and are indicated by a superscripted number or symbol within the document

Cut and paste

a tool used in paragraph formatting that allows the user to move text from one location to another

Paragraph headings

are keyed in bold and followed by a period at the beginning of a paragraph to give the reader a quick idea about the content of the paragraph


used to align and organize data into groups and subgroups

Left justified tab

allows text to be aligned on the left margin

Right justified tab

allows text to be aligned at the right margin

Dot leader tab

places a series of periods between two sets of tabs or a tab and a margin


used to arrange text in columns and rows and are helpful in presenting, organizing, and clarifying information

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