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Cell Organelles


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Portion of the cell outside of the nucleus that has a jelly-like consistency
This term means little organ
This organelle is surrounded by a membrane, contain the cell's DNA and controls the making of proteins.
This dense region of the nucleus where ribosomes are built
Tiny particles of RNA and protein that assemble proteins from amino acids
This is an internal membrane system where lipids for the cell membrane are assembled and proteins and other materials are exported from the cell.
Endoplasmic reticulum
The two types of endoplasmic reticulum are
smooth and rough
Endoplasmic reticulum that is studded with ribosomes is known as
rough ER
Endoplasmic reticulum that detoxifies drugs and specialized lipids is
smooth ER
This modifies, sorts and packages proteins before they are stored or sorted out of the cells
Golgi Apparatus
These tiny organelles move about the cell and break down debris using enzymes.
Saclike structures that store salt, water, proteins and carbohydrates
Converts chemical energy from carbohydrates, proteins and lipids into energy in the form of ATP.
Capture energy from sunlight and store the energy as chemical energy during photosynthesis.
A network of protein filaments that help the cell keep its shape and assist with movement
A rigid, porous structure found on the outside of plant and fungi cells
Cell wall
These two structures are found only in plant cells
Chloroplast and cell wall