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  1. At the Market
  2. Primary Markets
  3. New-Issues Market
  4. Price
  5. Clerk
  1. a Those markets in which stocks are offered for sale the first time
  2. b A member of a brokerage house who transfers orders and information between stockbrokers in an office and floor brokers at a stock exchange
  3. c A market in which a corporation sells new stock to raise money for start-up or expansion.
  4. d An amount agreed on between a buyer and a seller to exchange a stock certificate
  5. e An order to buy and sell a stock at the best price currently available

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  1. On of the organized stock markets with a centralized trading floor
  2. Stocks that have been approved and listed for trading by one of the organized stock exchanges or markets.
  3. Type of market found in organized stock exchanges
  4. A stock trader who agrees to buy and sell, or "make a market" in a company's stock
  5. Another name for the OTC market

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  1. AMEXNew York Stock Exchange, which is one of the most organized stock markets in NYC


  2. Over the Counter MarketAn order to buy and sell a stock at the best price currently available


  3. Investment BankerA business that gives a corporation advice on how to raise money and also sells new issues of stocks and bonds


  4. Costs of TradeThe time and money buyers and sellers spend to find one another and arrange trades


  5. MarketThe process through which buyers and sellers exchange with one another