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chapter 7, world geography today

Continental Divide

crest that divides North America's major river systems into those flowing eastward & westward

The Five Great Lakes

Superior, Huron, Michigan, Ontario, Erie

Highest point in North America

Mt. Mckinley

Mountain range in the east

Appalachian Mountains and the Laurentine Highlands

Main mountain range in the west

Rocky Mountains/Canadian Rockies

How many mountain ranges are in the west coast? (alaska- california)


what is the area called in the central region?

great plains and interior plains

Where is the Canadian Shield located?

in central or east Canada (around the Hudson Bay)

How many landforms does Canada and the U.S. share?

seven (7)

What oceans (and seas) border U.S. and Canada?

Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and Bering Sea.

Who were the first to settle in Canada?


What are the three things the French wanted to achieve when they came to Canada?

make all natives Catholic, fin fur, find a seaway to Asia

Capital of Canada


What is the least populated sud-region of Canada?

North Eastern Territories

What is the inuit province called


Who are the indigenous people of Canada


What type of government does Canada use

parliamentary democracy

What states are in the corn belt

Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana

Where is the Silicon valley

North western united states. (San Francisco to Seattle)

Who settled in the prairie provinces

northern and eastern Europeans

What province is the center for Movie and Television

British Columbia

Where is the center of government for Canada

Core Provinces

What are Canada's largest cities

Montreal, Toronto, and Quebec

What are Canada's main languages

English and French


governmental districts


region that lies far away from major population centers


legislature, governed by prime minister


general agreement


feelings of strong political and emotional loyalty to ones own region


belief that certain parts of a country should be independent.

what is the NAFTA

North American Free Trade Agreement

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