Chapter exam-medical expense insurance

Which of the following costs would a basic hospital/surgical policy likely cover?
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A prospective insured completes and signs an application for health insurance but intentionally conceals information about a pre-existing heart condition. The company issues the policy. Two months later, the insured suffers a heart attack and submits a claim. While processing the claim, the company discovers the pre-existing condition. In this situation, the company will
A Hospital/Surgical Expense policy was purchased for a family of four in March of 2013. The policy was issued with a $500 deductible and a limit of four deductibles per calendar year. Two claims were paid in September 2013, each incurring medical expenses in excess of the deductible. Two additional claims were filed in 2014, each in excess of the deductible amount as well. What would be this family's out-of-pocket medical expenses for 2013?
Generally, how long is a benefit period for a Major Medical Expense Plan?one yearWhich of the following statements about health reimbursement arrangements (HRA) is CORRECT?If the employee paid for qualified medical expenses, the reimbursements may be tax-freeFor which of the following expenses does a basic hospital policy pay?hospital room and boardJ was reviewing her Health Insurance policy and noticed the phrase "This policy will only pay for a semi-private room". This phrase is considered to be a(n)internal limitWhich of the following is NOT a limited benefit plan?life insurance policy