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phlebotomy part III

Which of the following vacutainer tubes is routinely used for hematology testing?
lavender topped
No anticoagulant are found in which of the following tubes?
Red topped
Which type of tube should be used to collect blood specimens during a glucose tolerance test?
gray topped
_____ is and anticoagulant that prevents platelets from clumping and preserves the appearance of blood cells for microscopic preparation.
The slant at the open end of the needle used for venipuncture is called the
The needle size most commonly used for adult venipuncture is ___ gauge.
The needle size most commonly used to the blood bank for donation is ___ gauge.
The needle size most commonly used in infants and the elderly is ___ gauge.
plasma could be retrieved from a:
SST green-gray tube and PST green-gray tube
A tourniquet i used during the phlebotomy procedure to:
prevent venous flow out of the side
cause the vein to bulge
a tourniquet should remain tied on a patient's arm no longer than:
1 minute
Without a clot activator, whole blood typically clots in _____ minutes.
30 to 60
Thixotropic gel, found in the SST red-gray marbled-topped Vacutainer tube is:
less dense than red blood cells but more dense than serum
The _____ is the part of the venipuncture needle that fits into the syringe or Vacutainer adapter.
The laboratory requisition indicates that you are to collect a venous blood specimen for hematology testing, serum chemistry testing and coagulation studies. What is the proper order of collection for these tubes?
light blue, red, lavender.
you are required to collect a venous sample for typical hematology test, the complete blood count. You collect
a lavender-topped tube
A syringe is preferred over a Vacutainer collection device when:
the patient's veins are fragile
Leaving a tourniquet tied on a patient's arm for longer than the recommended time results in:
Before a routine venipuncture or capillary puncture, the site typically is cleaned with:
isopropyl alcohol.
In a routine venipuncture, the angle at which the needle enters the arm should be ___ degrees.
During a routine venipuncture, when should the phlebotomist request that the patient "make a fist"?
After applying the tourniquet and before inserting the needle.
During a routine venipuncture, when should the phlebotomist request that the patient "release the fist"?
when blood enters the first tube being drawn.
When is the correct time to remove the tourniquet during a routine venipuncture?
as the last tube to be drawn begins to fill.
Which veni(s) can be used for routine venipuncture?
Medial cephalic
Medial basilic
Supplemetary cephalic
A winged infusion set is also known as:
butterfly needle
A needle-stick is more likely to occur if:
an attempt is made to recap a needle
why should a tourniquet not be tied too tightly?
It impedes arterial blood flow
It restricts venous blood return
It results in poor venous distention
A hematoma can be caused by:
excessive probing to locate a vein
failure to insert the needle far enough into the vein
penetration of the needle through a vein.
Blood obtained via capillary puncture can be collected:
in Microtainer tubes
in capillary tubes
in microhematocrit tubes
onto filter paper
The device used for dermal puncture is a(n):
The most common phlebotomy site in adults is/are the:
veins in the antecubital space
The proper procedure for collecting a serum specimen is to:
allow the specimen to clot
use a red or marbled-top tube
Which is the most correct method for performing a capillary puncture?
wipe away the first drop of blood and then collect the sample.
You are performing a capillary puncture on a patient and are having difficulty collecting and adequate sample. Which of the following is an accepted method to encourage blood flow from the site?
Gently rub the finger along the sides.
The clear part of whole blood that contains clotting agent is:
Capillary blood samples may be collected at all of the following sites except the?
antecubital space
Which is the proper technique for performing a venipuncture?
The needle bevel is face up, and the needle is inserted at a 15-degree angle.
The color of the tube top for collection of a coagulation test is:
light blue
Erythrocytes have a typical ___ shape because of______
concave; their lack of a nucleus
Granular leukocytes:
act as phagocytes
Which of the following test is used to determine renal function?
Dr. Lim orders a CPK draw on Mr. Roberts. What do elevated CPK levels indicate?
Possible MI
Which of the following is a normal adult WBC count?
10,000 cells/mm3
none of the above
In performance of a microhematocrit:
the open end of the capillary should be sealed clay before centrifuging
The buffy coat:
is white
A decreased heamtocrit value could be the result of:
The copper sulfate method of determining the hemoglobin level is:
qualitative test
based on the specific gravity of hemoglobin
commonly used to screen blood donors
While Mr. Chakrabarti's hematocrit sample is spinning in the centrifuge, you perform an automated hemoglobin test on a sample of his blood and record the value as 15g/dL. You do a quick mental calculation and expect that the hematocrit value will be approximately:
Which of the following is a normal H&H for a female?
36& and 14g/dL
Increases in the RBC count are found in which of the following?
Which component of the complete blood count is not necessary to calculate the red cell indices?
A properly prepared wedge smear:
has blood covering one half to three quarters of the slide
A hematocrit reading of 37 indicates what?
RBCs account for 37% of the total blood volume
Which statement is true about leukocytes?
Leukocytes are the largest circulating blood cells
Granulocytes have segment nuclei
Neutrophils are the most numerous WBCs in circulation
Bacterial infections stimulate increased production of neutrophils
Which of the following is an abnormal value for a differential?
50% to 70% basophils
The ESR test results:
vary greatly between genders and as people age
The protime is:
also known as the prothrombin time
performed to evaluate warfarin (Coumadin) theraphy
performed on a specimen collected in a light blue-topped Vacutainer tube
Which department of the laboratory of the laboratory H&H tests?
A blood test that analyzes the ability of the kidneys to perform their function is the:
A person with type O blood has:
anti-A and anti-B antibodies in circulation
When is administration of Rho(D) immune globulin absolutely necessary?
If an Rh-negative mother gives birth to an Rh-positive stillborn
Which of the following is not detected in a liver panel test?
TSH levels are assessed to determine the function of what organ(s)?
Troponin is a component of a(n)______ panel
Hormones detected in a thyroid panel include:
Which statement is true about HDL?
it transport cholesterol
Hemoglobin A1C is measured to monitor: