Chapter 7 Review

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Angel Island
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Settlement housesfounded in late 1800s by social reformers and had the same goals as the Americanization movement.Political machinesgained some of their power from immigrants for whom they performed favors.Graftillegal use of political influence. EX: charging too much for a project and a politician keeping the difference.Tammany Halla New York City political machineWho supported Political Machines?Poor and factory workers. Political machines were not supported by those who opposed immigration.Social Gospel Movement (Main Interest)contributed to the development of settlement housesBoss Tweedled Tammany Hall in defrauding New York City when building the New York County Courthouse.Patronageappointing a friend to a political position. A method of rewarding one's supporters.Stalwarts (supported what?)The spoils systemRutherford B. Hayesused the power of the presidency to clean up the New York Customs House, but was unable to get support from Congress for civil service reform.James Garfieldassassinated for promoting civil service reforms.Chester ArthurChanged his ideas on civil service reforms after he was president