Sophomore Honors English - The Crucible

60 Vocab words for Mrs. Clarke's English class.
AB ruh gayt

Mr. Erickson ABROGATED free time on weekends with the mounds of work we couldn't get done with in class.
to abolish, to do away with
SYN: annul, invalidate, negate, nullify
ANT: to establish

After writing her debate speech on Sasquatch for Mr. Erickson's class, all Freshman Honors English students fell into the ABYSS of sleep.
bottomless hole, a vast expanse or depth
AD uh munt

Mr. Erickson is ADAMANT in his decision to not own a cell phone... Someone might call him, of course!
inflexible, immovable, obstinate
SYN: inexorable, obdurate
ANT: pliant
uh MEE lee o rate

Mr. Erickson makes his Freshman Honors English classes do a lot of work to AMELIORATE their writing.
to make better, to relieve, to improve
ANT: to make worse, to aggravate
AW gyuh ree

Students in Mr. Erickson's class can make AUGURIES about the future. They'll have English homework that night!
an omen or prophecy
AW to krat

Students want to overthrow their AUTOCRATIC English teacher Mr. Erickson, but refrain due to risk of expulsion.
a person with unlimited influence and authority (usually a negative word)
BASE ness

We were shocked at the Mr. Erickson's BASENESS when he told our class that murder was a smarter decision than divorce.
The quality of lacking higher values
SYN: vileness, servility, unworthiness
buh GRUJ

Mr. Erickson BEGRUDGINGLY gave us information about our assignments.
to give reluctantly, to envy a possession or one's enjoyment
ANT: To give willingly
buh GUYL

Mr. Erickson would BEGUILE his students with funny jokes before springing a huge assignment on us.
to deceive, to mislead, to persuade with charm
SYN: delude
ANT: to enlighten
buh MUZE

Mr. Erickson could be quite BEMUSING whenever a student asked a question.
to confuse or bewilder
ANT: to enlighten
BLAS fuh mus

Mr. Erickson's jokes were always funny, but never BLASPHEMOUS.
irreverent, profane
ANT: sacred, reverent
kuh LAM uh tee

Finishing Mr. Erickson's debate speeches was a CALAMITY to students who really needed sleep.
a serious event causing distress or misfortune
SYN: cataclysm, catastrophe
ANT: good fortune
kun SIL ee ate

After giving us a large assignment, Mr. Erickson would CONCILIATE his students with more sarcastically funny comments.
to reconcile, to pacify, to renew a friendship
SYN: appease, mollify, placate, propitiate
ANT: to estrange

About half the time walking out of Mr. Erickson's class, I was CONFOUNDED by the lack of instructions I was given.
to cause one to become confused
ANT: to distinguish between

Asking Mr. Erickson a genuine question in class was and act of CONTEMPT.
scorn, extreme dislike or disdain
SYN: despicableness, pitiableness, scurviness
ANT: respect
kin TEN shus

To CONTENTIOUS students, Mr. Erickson would yell "Quiet, you!"
quarrelsome, stirring controversy
SYN: bellicose, belligerent, pugnacious
ANT: congenial, harmonious
kuh rob uh RAY shun

Students never had CORROBORATION about the instructions of an assignment from Mr. Erickson's class.
SYN: authentication, substantiation, validation, verification
ANT: refutation
KREJ uh lus

Mr. Erickson wasn't a CREDULOUS man. He could tell when students were faking stupidity... Or did he??? :)
believing on slight evidence, gullible
ANT: suspicious
def uh MAY shun

When Payton recites Mr. Erickson's quotes from 6th period English, he thinks it's DEFAMATION of his character. Little does he know, these funny comments make him cooler.
act of harming or ruining another's reputation.
ANT: adulation
DEF ur uns

In DEFERENCE to Mr. Erickson's wishes, we never asked him questions about our essays because his answer would always be "How am I supposed to know?"
courteous going along with the opinions or wishes of another
SYN: homage, reverence, respect
ANT: disrespect
deh SEM bul

Although he tried to DISSEMBLE his laughter at Payton, Vanessa, Andrew, and Taylor's awesome Romeo and Juliet video, the group members could tell Mr. Erickson thought theirs was the funniest of them all.
to disguise, to pretend
ANT: to reveal
dog MAT ick

Mr. Erickson laughed at Payton, Vanessa, Clarissa, and Izzy's DOGMATIC debate on Sasquatch.
strongly opinionated in an unwarranted manner
SYN: dictatorial, doctrinaire, magisterial, oracular
ANT: unopinionated, wishy-washy
EK stuh see

Payton's essays were so awesome, they put Mr. Erickson into a state of ECSTASY.
extreme happiness
SYN: rapture, transport
ANT: wretchedness
eh FRUN tuh ree

Not many people had the EFFRONTERY to ask Mr. Erickson a question on their essays.
extreme boldness, audacity
SYN: cheek, chutzpah, gall, hardihood, nerve, temerity
ANT: diffidence

Mr. Erickson EXALTED Payton, Vanessa, Andrew, and Taylor's fantastically funny Romeo and Juliet video.
to glorify, to praise, to raise in rank
ANT: to defame, to deprecate
FORE meh duh bul

The homework Mr. Erickson gives is FORMIDABLE.
menacing, causing fear or awe
ANT: harmless, unimportant

Mr. Erickson hated GAUNT essays. He would tell you to add more detail.
very thin, emaciated, angular
SYN: lank, lean, rawboned, spare
ANT: rotund, corpulent
huh RET eh kul

I have no idea how to put HERETICAL into a sentence with Mr. Erickson's name. So... His HERETICAL statements were offensive to many believers.
contrary to church doctrine or accepted beliefs or standards
ANT: sacred
HIP uh krit

Mr. Erickson would often be HYPOCRITICAL when we asked questions about our essays. He would say he didn't know the answer, but expect us to figure it out.
one who is insecure or deceitful
ANT: sincere person
in DIJ eh nus

Mr. Erickson is INDIGENOUS to the English wing of Glacier Peak High School, mos specifically, room 316.
native to a certain area
SYN: aboriginal, endemic, native
ANT: alien
in dig NAY shun

When students in Mr. Erickson's class felt they needed more time to complete quality work, they would yell out in INDIGNATION before rushing home to comply to their due date.
anger as a result of something unjust
SYN: fury, rage, ire, wrath
ANT: serenity