Plagiarism is bad.

Define Plagiarism.

Claiming others work as your own, using ideas that are not common knowledge, using exact information and not citing

Why is citing your work important?

So the true author can get credit for what they did

is it okay to copy phrases word for word?

yes, as long as you cite the source.

I bought a paper off the internet. that's not plagiarism since i paid for it right?


I only plagiarized a little. Is that okay?

no. plagiarism is just as bad no matter how much you do it.

A website that I went on said that frogs can fly. Since its not legitimate information,I don't have to cite it. True or false?

its not legitimate information. you shouldn't be using it any way. but that's still false.

If you take a sentence from a book and paraphrase it a little, you don't have to cite it . True or False?

false. you have to cite it unless its in your words completely.

I made up a fact on my term paper. I cant get in trouble for plagiarizing right?

wrong. Thats fabricating and is just as bad.

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