Which element(s) are typically included in a clinical description?
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The classification system used in schools is ______________.IDEAPersonality assessment using projective tests is designed to:Learn about unconscious conflicts in the clientWhich of the following is not considered during a mental status exam?personalityThe first DSM, published in 1952, _______.neglected to include a large array of disorders specific to childhood or adolescenceWhich behavior would be characteristic of someone with issues on the internalizing behavior dimension?feeling sad all of the timeWhen a therapist attempts to understand the degree to which a particular behavior exists within a child rather than the kind of behavior the child displays, she would be utilizing which type of classification system?dimensionalThe Rorschach Test is an example of a(n) ____ test.projectiveNeuropsychological tests are most likely to include ____ functioning.perceptualAn advantage of behavior checklists over interviews is that checklists allow a clinician to ____ while interviews typically do results to a reference sampleWhich of the following is not a purpose for clinical psychological assessment?determine heredityWhen Dr. Griffin observes and records her client's particular behavior, what happened before the behavior, and what happened after the behavior, Dr. Griffin is engaging in:functional/behavioral analysisCarla lives in South Carolina and took her ten-year-old daughter to a private psychologist to be evaluated. What classification system would be used to determine her diagnosis?Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders -5-TRThe "C" in the "ABCs of behavioral assessment" stands for ____.consequencesCategorical classification determines ____.whether or not a child has a disorderA ____ summarizes the unique behaviors, thoughts, and feelings that together make up the features of a given psychological disorder.nomothetic descriptionOne of the advantages of standardized testing is that it:can provide a basis of comparison to other typically developing children.Which of the following is a criticism of the DSM-5?It lacks sufficient emphasis on situational and contextual factors.Which of the following would not typically be addressed in the developmental/family history component of the initial interview?parent responsibilities at problem onsetThe Bender Gestalt is a type of ______________.neuropsychological testJohn meets every single diagnostic criteria for ADHD in the DSM-5-TR. This is an example of the ___________.prototypical modelWhich aspect would generally be assessed by behavioral assessment methods?aggression in school____ means generating a predictive outcome.PrognosisThe Wechsler Scales provide measures of:intelligenceSemi-structured interviews tend to be ____ than structured interviews.Semi-structured interviews tend to be ____ than structured interviews.more conversationalThe Reynolds Adolescent Depression Scale is a type of ________________.affective inventory