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scalene triangle

a triangle with no 2 sides of a equal length


length, width, and height


a comparison of parts to a whole

unit rate

comparison of a quanity to 1


having a consent relation in disagree or number

regular polygon

a polygon with all sides and all angles equal


the amount of space inside a shape (count the squares)

plane figure

a two-dimensional shape

solid figure

a three-dimensional shape


the set of positive whole numbers and their oppposites(negative numbers) and 0


an answer that is an approximation


a ratio that compares a number to 100.


the number of square units needed to cover a flat surface.


the number of cubic units needed to fill the space inside the 3D figure


A quadrilateral with one pair of parallel sides


a quadrilateral with 4 equal sidesand4 equal angles

right triangle

a triangle with one right angle

obtuse triangle

a triangle with one obtuse angle


a quadrilateral with 4 sides the same length, and no right angles

acute triangle

a triangle whose interior angles are all acute

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