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hustling is an attribute of the ____________ aspect of the entrepreneurial mindset
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which of the following does NOT help in harnessing the power of network effects? a. offering an admired application b. providing trial opportunities c. integrating the platform into specific operating systems d. starting from small industry segmentsintegrating the platform into specific operating systemswhich of the following statements is correct? a. the boundaries between producers and consumers are blurry in pipeline businesses b. IOS and Android are owners of AirBnB c. the owners determine the rules of governance in the platform d. drivers are providers of the Uber platformthe owners determine the rules of governance in the platformwhich revenue model is particularly useful for pipeline businesses? a. production model b. markup model c. subscription model d. freemium modelproduction modelwhich of the following is the LEAST relevant factor for targeting the funding source? a. pace of growth b. ratio of outputs to inputs c. asset intensity d. IP rightsIP rightswhat financial source has the least potential for dilution?bootstrappingwhat financial source has the most potential for deep field expertise?venture capitalistswhich of the following is generally not offered by an incubator? a. office space b. network of startups c. mentorship d. liquidity optionsliquidity optionswhich type of project is best suited for commercial bank funding?capital intensive proven technologieswhich of the following is true about the VCs? a. their business model is built around home run investments b. primarily, the downside risk matters for them c. they are mainly interested in $100,000-$1m deals d. they could provide expertise, but not structural changestheir business model is built around home run investmentswhen should an entrepreneur make a decision to persevere, pivot or perish?after learning from MVP testswhich of the following is NOT an inherent problem in the 'just do it' approach to launching a business? a. possible disparity between the business and entrepreneur's passion b. absence of strategic planning c. inability to adapt the product to customer's needs d. lack of clear visioninability to adapt the product to customer's needswhich approach better protects the entrepreneur against commercializing a product for which there is no demand? a. waterfall planning b. hypothesis-driven c. just do it d. build it and they will comehypothesis drivenwhich of the following is not an ideation method? a. recombination b. incubation c. diversification d. clarificationdiversificationwhat is a characteristic of a falsifiable hypothesis?an experiment can reject itwhich of the following is NOT true about the product market fit? a. all the generated hypotheses have been validated b. it can mark the beginning of scaling up c. it shifts the focus from business model optimization to business model validation d. shows that there will be demand for productit shifts the focus from business model optimization to business model validationwhich of the following is the description of 'user activation'? a. users take action to engage b. users come back c. users visit and register d. users like and referusers take action to engagewhich of the following is more likely to measure target customers' revealed preferences? a. entrepreneur's vision b. a/b testing c. market research d. customer interviewsa/b testingin hypothesis testing, what should be assigned to the control group?placebowhich decision is more likely to be correct when the MVP testing rejects the foundational assumptions about the core of the business concept?perish